Shadow of the Colossus isn't for newcomers

Growing up, Gabe Gurwin saw critics and players heap praise on Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus constantly. But experiencing it for the first time in 2018 presents its own challenges.

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PhoenixUp216d ago

The PS3 remaster and the PS4 remake are as accessible as the PS2 original

GamingAngelGabriel216d ago

Not saying they aren't -- just that design conventions have changed since the original released and it makes it difficult to play it for the first time.

GamingSinceForever215d ago

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Smdh!

I played it for the first time and finished on Sunday without having any hard time getting through it.

Great game by the way.

Darkwatchman215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

No they don’t. The kind of person willing to play Shadow of The Colossus knows what kind of game it is and doesn’t expect it to be a generic open world filled with nebulous content and filler encounters. There’s a difference between a game having dated mechanics and a game just being different. Nothing about Shadow of The Colossus’ design is outdated.

As for the animations and controls, that’s nothing to do with design conventions changing. That’s just a hallmark of Ueda’s games. They prioritize animation over player responsiveness for immersion. They can be frustrating because of this as animations will need to finish or get to a certain point before you can interrupt their action, but that’s not an old school or dated thing. The Last Guardian has the same animation priority as Shadow of The Colossus and Ico.

SuperSonic91214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Maybe what you meant to say is "This game does not insult the intelligence of any gamer whether young or old. " ????

Kids are too spoon fed and hand held by game designers nowadays they can't think for themselves.

This is a thinking person's game that pays homage to the old 8 bit games. Demon's Souls is heavily influenced by the design of this game.

This game challenge's the gamer to think and explore possibilities.

PhoenixUp216d ago

But wouldn’t that logic apply for most classic games? Various modern games will naturally build upon the foundation that games like Shadow of the Colossus made, yet it doesn’t make the original game or its rereleases that much less approachable for newcomers.

GamingAngelGabriel215d ago

I don't believe so, no. It varies by generation. The SNES Classic resonates with players so much, for instance, because the games weren't really in a transitional period -- they had perfected 2D. The PS2, by contrast, was still going through growing pains.

PhoenixUp215d ago

Yes they were. Gaming is always in a transitioning period. There’s never a point where the industry stops trying to move forward.

2D gaming for example had far more room to grow after the 4th gen.

Things that gamers take for granted nowadays aren’t common with previous generations, so it could be allied to certain earlier titles.

chris235215d ago

i‘m no newcomer but i will not touch this reheat with a stick. do they really expect everyone to buy and play this game with each gen anew? maybe it’s too much asked that they put their skills into developping a new game production instead of boring us to death with their „look at us, we do remakes for a living“ approach.

KickSpinFilter215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

BooHoo don't buy it then. I for one had purchased it originally on PS2 got the 3rd Colossus went to college and never really played that game let alone the PS2 again. Now I'm totally into playing this again on PS4. I'm on the 9th Colossus and loving it. I don't know where you are from but here in the US no one is holding a gun to our head telling us what remake/game we should buy...well not yet.

AnubisG215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

To the author:

Please find another line of work because you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to gaming.

kinnikuroy215d ago

Are you just making an assumption? Lol I am in a discord group atm and see a lot of new players. Never heard/saw that they are having a hard time playing this game unless we are talking about the Hard Time Attack which is really obvious. Maybe do a little more research before dropping this nonsense.

GamingAngelGabriel214d ago

Read the article. I don’t think the game is tough.