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Games Asylum: "On paper, this ‘90s platformer tribute sounds like a bum deal. The Kickstarter funded PC version – released in December 2016 – was subtitled ‘World One’ due to merely being the first part of an ongoing series. The new PS4/XO versions lose this subtitle, but as before, Rad’s adventure both begins and ends in the first world – a magical forest realm. While this may sound like a swizz (imagine if the first Sonic the Hedgehog was set entirely in Green Hill Zone), all the stops have been pulled to ensure nobody feels short-changed, despite it not quite feeling like a self-contained adventure."

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chaos-emeralds299d ago

I have it on pre order. Looked fun.

Einhander1971298d ago

Yes going to get this, looks like the classic Amiga 500 games love it.