New Microsoft Offers Lets You Get Free $10 Xbox Live Credit For Each Friend Invite

Microsoft is in a generous mood with a new offer available to all the Xbox Live users in North America and UK.

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ULTp0ltergeist275d ago

I received $5 not too long ago but forgot what it was for.

joshljr274d ago

I think I got the same for a Game Pass challenge.

CP_Company274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

they are trying so hard. it is pathetic. go and create some games, hmm, maybe not some games, maybe tens of games, then gamers going come back.
it is clear that they are in huge hole, but still ignoring all the facts and trying to brake a stone wall with the head.

Chris12274d ago

Only a troll could turn something good for consumers into a fanboy rant. Sad.

CP_Company274d ago

fanboy of what? real world? or the facts?

CP_Company274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Septic, it really is, who da hell in the right mind, could ask their friends to join them in dead machine? i didn't do that even to my enemies, but of course, xbox fanboys has no values, honor or shame.

Fragnum274d ago (Edited 274d ago )


" Septic, it really is, who da hell in the right mind, could ask their friends to join them in dead machine? i didn't do that even to my enemies, but of course, xbox fanboys has no values, honor or shame. "

Who da hell speak like dis?

Wot da hell is dead machine?

did dant do wot 2 ma enemies?

Y R U sayin wii has no values, honor or shame?

Love the fact that You can't string a sentence together however your punctuation is impeccable....

.....I smell a troll

thexmanone274d ago

So what do you consider yourself a fanboy or a gamer? Or maybe your just a troll bashing MS for doing something good for there fans.. If i were to guess i would say a troll. but that's just me.

Prince_TFK274d ago

It is just a reward system. Aren’t they even allowed to have that? Can’t they focus on other things beside games?

zb1ftw777274d ago

I agree with everything you said.

If you was describing yourself.

AmstradAmiga274d ago

What if MS gave you an Xbox to try for free then you can buy it if you decide to keep it. Would that be desperate too....oh wait....

daBUSHwhaka274d ago

Don't know what's sadder, your comment or the 20 buffoons who agree with you.

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LandoCalrissiano274d ago

Pyramid scheme!!! Because somebody had to, might as well joke about it.

NotoriousWhiz274d ago

Gonna get that mummy money.

paintedgamer1984274d ago


That might be a bit harsh, yet i laughed all the same.

Ms is being forced to be better tomorrow than what they were yesterday whether they want to or not. If that means it might take most or all of gen 8 before they get their shit figured out for gen 9 im totally up for any improvements.

While this looks like reaching to the non xbox hardcore, one has to admit, most of this gen they have been taking steps in the right direction from most of their anticonsumer tactics in the past. Its actually hard to believe most of the stuff theyve tried to pull since rrod last gen and how many times they have done and said things that have rubbed gamers the wrong way.

Ill be ready in gen 9 to give them 1 last shot before completely writting them off. Most of us want ms to succeed. Yet, since middle to end of the 360 gen to most of this xb1 gen theyve made it too easy for gamers as a whole to dislike them. For most, im not going to lie, its going to be a hard uphill battle to win people over again.

letsa_go274d ago

I totally agree with you on this. I was upset with MS because they forced me to buy a PS4 after swearing I would never own a Sony console. But, on the bright side, I got to play a bunch of cool ps4 exclusives I never would have otherwise gotten to play.

paintedgamer1984273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Why did you not want to be on playstation if you dont mind me asking? I was orig a nintendo guy from nes-gamecube and then i loved the og xbox and sony was like my 3rd fav during the ps2 era but once the middle to end of the ps3 on ive primarilly been on sonys side with the switch finally gaining my respect with ms being a distant 3rd since mid 360 gen to now.

letsa_go273d ago

@paintedgamer1984 Plain and simple, I was a nintendo fanboy up until I gave up on the n64. Got a dreamcast, then xbox, then xbox 360. After the SNES CD Rom fiasco, for some reason I had it in my head that Sony were the bad guys and avoided them. Now I know Nintendo did them dirty. haha

PUBG274d ago

This explains why I received a random friend invite lastnight, by someone with zero gamer score and who has just over 1000 friends....

I wish Microsoft would just leave the social aspect of their service alone. All of this trying to find ways to add friends and 'suggested' friends with people who I don't know, is a bit ridiculous.

I actually like choosing my friends by playing a few games with them, and if they're cool to play with, and if they happen to be mature adults, then I may add someone here and there.

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