Gravity Rush 2 May Be Losing its Online Gameplay on PS4, But it's Still Getting Beautiful Figures

While Sony will soon shut down the online services of Gravity Rush 2, the game is still inspiring some really amazing figures.

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DarXyde214d ago

There's a number of ways I can respond to this, but I'll leave it at "look into this".

That side, these figures are beautiful. I'll definitely be picking these up to sit next to my Figma.

SickSinceSix214d ago

Gravity Rush being multiplat is like Halo being on PlayStation.

SonyStyled214d ago

He might mean it should have been on the vita where the original base and on the platform it was originally announced for. I played gr1 through on the vita. I passed on gr2

DarXyde214d ago

You passed on Gravity Rush 2? That's upsetting.

I beat the original on Vita, followed by PS4, then, of course, Gravity Rush 2 on PS4.

Yes, I have a platinum for each. Love those games.

SickSinceSix214d ago

@SonyStyled That would be considered crossplat I think.

Fist4achin214d ago

At one point halo combat evolved was slated to be on the ps. MS threw a ton of cash and stopped that.

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rainslacker214d ago

You can put this figure on top of your Xbox if you want

343_Guilty_Spark214d ago

I’ll just play it on my Pro heaux

Cyborgg213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


If you had a PS4.

Teflon02214d ago

A game made by Sony Japan Studios? Multiplat how exactly?

_-EDMIX-_214d ago

?? Why would Sony make a multiplat game? That makes sense for MS, but Sony for the most part makes actual exclusives for PS4.

Cyborgg211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

343 can't comment right now. He's on a comment restriction 😁

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Yohshida214d ago

Not even a year out and already shut down. What a shame this is. The game is good, they had to market it more.

thatguyhayat214d ago

This, the marketing was very poor. The first one was amazing as well as the second

DarXyde214d ago

It's been out for over a year now. We have until July. I've been on this game a lot to enjoy it while I can.

JBryant0619214d ago

How about releasing retail copies of Gravity Rush Remastered?

Teflon02214d ago

They did. I got it. Was a weird release though. So Originally I thought it was Digital only so bought that. Then I went on the US Amazon and saw it was available for $30 and it was a NA copy so I was like wtf Canada just didn't get? So I bought and paid the exchange and for it in 2 days. Was like 50ish Canadian dollars for me. But I now own It digital and physical on PS4 and both on Vita as well. Then of course I own GR2

Teflon02214d ago

It also released n Canada later but it was like $60 or so last time I checked which was last year

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