New Final Fantasy Agito XIII poster shows new style

The trailer that was recently leaked was an old one from last year (No surprise there), and since Final Fantasy Agito XIII's announcement and development on the PSP the style has changed somewhat, shown in this new poster.

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sinncross3719d ago

They look like some occult group now!

But its a nice change nonetheless... it now is apparent that it doesn't follow the likes of Kingdom Hearts in atmosphere.

CrippleH3719d ago

SE need to stop with the closed showing ****.

Making a game yet don't even show it to the public. Instead show it to V.I.P instead.

SE need major competition for best JRPG to set them straight.

Kind of like EA. EA is really learning and delivering.
With games like Burnout, Battlefield BC. Dark Sector, Spore (DRM issues), Dark Void, Mirror's Edge, and etc.

CloudsEnd3719d ago

Dark Void is a Capcom Game.

jkoz3718d ago

I don't get what the benefit is of closed theaters. The media gets to see it. Woo. What about the fanbase? Let's see something to get us psyched for the game. Bungie just announced Recon and gave us a nice teaser trailer. No doubt we'll get another in the next few months. Showing a hundred people a movie in a closed theater won't do anything for the rest of the people in the world except anger them that they're being left in the dark. I know they're trying to be all secretive but if they could at least release it to the public after a couple of days, that'd be swell. Whatever, my interest is going down in this game now too. And that's something I never thought I'd say. But you can only make a dog beg for a bone for so long before it drops dead from exhaustion.

Enate3719d ago

Squares performance after X-2 shows what happens when your at the top for so long without any clear competition. An people become blind over time an start excepting less an less until it gets to the point of people actually calling the trash like FFXII good. With the exception of Crisis Core which was pretty good they haven't put out anything that comes close to aw inspiring like they used to. I've said it once an I'll say it again when will we see games like Xenogears, Suikoden II, FFVIII an so forth. An maybe your idea is exactly right on they need some competition an they need it now.