A Look At Kingdom Hearts 3 Troubled Development History

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a beloved franchise, and the sequel in the series people have been waiting over 12 years for. Well, with the game finally set to launch in 2018, we take a look at the history of the long-awaited sequel.

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FallenAngel1984296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

“Kingdom Hearts 3 has been on everyone’s mind since 2 released WAY back in 2005.”

How? Western markets didn’t even get KH2, which they were hyped about all throughout 2005, until 2006. Don’t give me BS that people were waiting on an installment that wasn’t even announced at the time and when it’s predecessor(KH2) hadn’t released yet. That’s like saying that everyone’s mind is currently on KH4 right now.

“Add in the fact the series saw tons of side stories and spin-offs, it would be some time yet until we saw the sequel. Seriously, since Kingdom Hearts 2 the series has seen 6 all new games, and 6 more remakes or enhanced editions.”

It’s these games, remakes, & remasters that kept the franchise alive in the intervening years. The development team that made KH1 & KH2 were busy making FFXV for a decade, so that would’ve meant that the series would go on hiatus for more than a decade. Plus KH2 ended with the plot pretty wrapped up, so these side stories added more lore in addition to keeping the series relevant to neccesitate KH3.

“Square Enix’s 1st Production Department was the team working on Kingdom Hearts 3, which is the team that brought us Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and helped with 1.5 Remix.”

Exactly. So you can thank that Osaka team for making Re: CoM, BBS, DDD and the four remaster collections which kept the series alive while FFXV was getting developed. Thankfully now that the majority of FFXV is wrapped up, the Tokyo team that made KH1 & KH2 can now help the Osaka team with finishing up KH3. On a side note it shouldn’t be a wonder why Riku’s new look heavily resembles Noctis when you consider the development history of both games.

“Something that may be a bit disappointing for fans, and is honestly pretty abnormal for the gaming industry, is the fact you need to play all of the previous entries to be able to follow Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Because Kingdom Hearts, unlike a lot of other RPG franchises, is an ongoing story featuring largely recurring characters. While most other longrunning RPG series will have a different set of characters in a different setting to make it a standalone title, Kingdom Hearts has to deal with keeping the central character Sora alive & interesting throughout its entire existence. Other characters can be the lead characters in an installment, but they always have to connect heavily with Sora in some way.

“if a game had a handheld spinoff title, they were designed in such a way so as to supplement the story rather than be integral to them”

The handheld titles contribute just as much to the plot & lore as the console titles. Hell in the last trailer Marluxia’s and Vanitas’ appearances were huge surprises, and both came from handheld titles.

InKnight7s295d ago

I bet even Nomura won't be that defensive, we know KH fans or fanboys count Ds and 3Ds as main games bla bla and yet its explain nothing. KH is bit a mess in story prespictive because there are a alot of spins off which always leave players confused, and new with every game release with even more questions and characters. 2 main KH each with remix rerelease + more than half dozen of spins off and yet nothing new just milking ps2 models. Kh3 at least should be release with ps4 release but yeah it SE.

FallenAngel1984294d ago

@ In

The handheld games do explain a lot of the lore. Let’s not even entertain the idea that they’re superfluous to the series story and have nothing to add.

Yes I agree the story isn’t very coherent as I hate how time travel became a thing, but that doesn’t change the fact that the handheld titles did keep the series alive while the KH1 & KH2 team were developing FFXV. Would you rather the series go dormant over a decade?

Harkins1721295d ago

I don’t see it a bad thing by playing the past KH games. They can be pretty quick.

SuperSonic91295d ago

SE is dealing with the new Disney management now. They are throwing money to make sure all Disney propertiesbget the super AAA treatment like Spiderman.
Just look at the hraphics quality of this game its very close to Pixar quality.

Elda295d ago

As of now the KH3 development is coming along just fine,the game looks amazing.

joab777295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Regardless, what we have seen thus far looks unbelievable! So hyped! It's no easy feat to move a beloved classic IP into this generation of gaming, especially on consoles. Mist publishers don't even try...Ik looking at you Valve!