Media Create Blames Monster Hunter World, Open World and More for Dynasty Warriors 9's Drop in Sales

Dynasty Warriors 9's debut sales in Japan were about 60% of its predecessor and 70% of the initial shipment. Media Create tries to explain why.

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deadfrag275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

DW9 its such a piece of crap that i really dont understand how can any gamer play or buy that game.Running mostly in the lower 20fps how is this game even released to public is madness.But still some reviewers score this game above average what a BS.

cleft5274d ago

I was done with the game after 5 minutes, its terrible.

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yeastori274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

It’s great what are you talking about? You like the rest just don’t like it cause it’s no longer the monotonous hack and slash that it used to be. You have to combo your moves now not just square triangle. Go look up YouTube videos of how to Devil May Cry combo in this game it’s amazing. Enlish dub sucks I can agree but the Manderian is great and works perfectly. Other than that only the crazy amount to gameplay is the only downside

XbladeTeddy275d ago

I agree, it's defo Monster Hunter World's fault. If devs didn't make good games like Monster Hunter World seems to be then mediocre games like this would look better. It's a shame that clearly bad games should have to accept less sales because some other developer decided to release a good game.

cleft5274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Monster Hunter World proves that the west definitely wants that content that has been traditionally popular in Japan, but when it is done well and set on a grand stage. If anything, the success of Monster Hunter World prepared the west to be ready for Dynasty Warriors 9, after all, this is the grand daddy Muso game and we have all been enjoying the spend off Muso games like the new Fire Emblem. So the stage was set for Dynasty Warriors 9 to be huge, instead it was a huge let down. Graphics arent enough, the proper game needs to be good as well.

zivtheawesome275d ago

and it's obviously not because it is a badly made game with low budget, barely any marketing and horrifying performance.

TheOttomatic91275d ago

Or it could be the fact that you know the game runs like add?

Knushwood Butt275d ago

The first reason they give are fans abandoning the series due to the 5 years that have passed since the last release.

Still, user reviews suggest the game is crap, but Media Create aren't going down that path.

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The story is too old to be commented.