Final Fantasy XV has specifically created higher quality assets for the PC, minor modding at launch

At this year’s PC Gamer Weekender, Square Enix revealed some new information about the PC version of Final Fantasy XV. According to the team, there are higher quality assets that were created specifically for the PC version.

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babadivad299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

The will likely never be another Crysis. Meaning, a game built for PC targeting the a spec even higher than the current cards on the market can run with all the bells and whistles.

Games aren't developed like that anymore. Now a days[arguably even then] it doesn't make sense to build a game that cannot potentially run on consoles as well. So the base game or [low-medium] mode will look similar to the consoles.

This being the case, there isn't an insane gulf of visual fidelity between medium and ultra high like there used to be. Most of the gains now a days on games come from higher pixel counts, better shadows, and further draw distance. Not actual graphical fidelity like it was in the past. Well, there is, just to a MUCH lesser extent.

This game runs like shit because it's coded sloppily. Not because it's some new graphical benchmark.

Jaypi03299d ago

It doesn't run like shit for me, on the PC, but that's just me.

babadivad299d ago


Well, maybe not. But it doesn't run as well as it should considering the brute force graphics hardware available on PC.

My point stands as this not being the "new Crysis" though.

Nebaku299d ago

"Specifically created". A.k.a, we originally created our assets at a higher resolution than in-game like 90% of companies do, and compressed them a bit less than the console versions.