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Dagbladet: LittleBigPlanet Review - "You just have to meet this fella'"

Dagbladet: " For us who have played computer games for some years, it is also fun to see that a new trend that uses user generated content can go hand in hand with such a proven genre that platform games actually is - and end up as a flag-bearer title for the powerful PS3 console. "

Google Translate:
http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dagbladet.no%2Fkultur%2F2008%2F10%2F13%2F550050.html&hl=no&ie=UTF-8&sl=no&tl=en (LittleBigPlanet, PS3) 6/6

Internet Trolling Ex  +   2516d ago
Perfect score for a perfect game
theKiller  +   2516d ago
dont waist ur time counting the perfect scores, its already more than 10 different sites gave it 10/10, it got 4 10's from Gamereactor in different countries plus other wesites!!

i said it before and i will say it again this game will get more 100 perfect scores!
CEO of Troll Corp  +   2516d ago
Sackboy is shaping up to being the biggest Video game mascot in history
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2516d ago
@theKiller ;)
I liked the List of Scores you did for MGS4 on this, when MGS4 came out;) You gotta do one for LBP to!!! ;)
theKiller  +   2515d ago
yeah it was good, but it took me a lot of time to make it, nowadays i have much less time!!

but we all know it will get more than 100 perfect scores who no need to list them :) or maybe someone else can do it!!
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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2515d ago
@theKiller ;)
Yeah it did look like it took a lot of time to do that List. I'm sure someone will do one tho;)

+I bet you the KING xBot RATS on this are trying to find a Low score for LBP!!! :-/
If they do find one i'll be SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
But then again this is the internet... i.e Full of M$ Loving Zombies!!! ;-D

+COME ON 'Edge' Mag!!! ;-D Don't Hide from me!!! ;-D
It won't Hurt...much when i pull your arms/legs and head off for giving LBP a low score!!! :-/
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Ninja-Sama  +   2516d ago
Another perfect score...
expect them in spades in the coming days. Looks like PS3 is gonna have the two most highly ranked games of the year.
Rock Bottom  +   2516d ago
OMG they gave LBP a 6
See what I did there.
B-Rein  +   2516d ago
Hmmmm loads of perfect socres and frew 9.5s and 9s
hmmm looks good so far the only flaw it has is the controls that need time getting used to hmm thats no biggie
PoSTedUP  +   2516d ago
yea if you really put time and effort into creating a level the controls feel natural after a wile, i feel like a small time game developer for real yo this game is unbelievable.
sackboy says hi  +   2516d ago
sackboy says if u want to meet me my psn id is jon_abobo.... :)
i am goty,dont u just love me... ;-D
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Utalkin2me  +   2515d ago
No the controls are crippled doesnt matter how much time or what you do, only can be fixed if the devs fix it.
gaffyh  +   2515d ago
Ok, who the f*** gives review scores out of 6??!

That's just retarded. LBP does deserve full marks though, it is awesome.
barom  +   2515d ago
Techincally 1up gives review scores out of 6. F,D,C,D,B,A..

And it's a thing that they do over in Norway. It is suppose to represents dices.
TheDude2dot0  +   2515d ago
I was confizzled at first when I saw the 6.
Freak of Nature  +   2515d ago
A well deserved score,for a brilliant innovative,and stylish game...

As for highest scores? My bet is that LBP may just get the highest scores right along with Gears 2...Two totally different games on different systems,but for my 2 cents,the two best games coming this Fall...
villevalorox  +   2516d ago
At first i doubted this game, but when i played the beta, It was so damn fun. This is a game looking to be crowned game of the year.
switch-it  +   2516d ago
I feeled the exact same way. The beta completely turned me around.
ReTarDedFisHy  +   2516d ago
Got scared when I saw that 6 there. :S
she00win99  +   2516d ago
yeah, me too..
FAQS  +   2515d ago
A:...Not me...in fact I thought it was 6/5! More than Perfect Score!
she00win99  +   2515d ago
TrevorPhillips  +   2516d ago
when i get this game i aint getting of it that's how much levels i can think of to design cant wait XD
THC CELL  +   2516d ago
haha 6 0ut of six a bit odd i was scared then lol
means perfect in his book

Great bring some more reviews
Game of the year
grayfox_2k  +   2516d ago
cool, but a scaly of 1 to 6 is just too weird lol.
Bordel_1900  +   2516d ago
I'm kinda used to that, over here it's like the dice throw where you get from 1 to 6, where 6 is the highest score :) A lot of reviews use this both for movies, concerts, games, etc..
Why o why  +   2516d ago
i bet some peoples eyes lit up when they saw 6
......unlucky haters
Narutone66  +   2515d ago
The haters
will be saying "See LBP is a flop because it got only 6".
Kinda weird rating system.
krackchap  +   2516d ago
ProfessionalTroll  +   2516d ago
Score another victory for media molecule
Big Jim   2516d ago | Spam
Joejoefhosho  +   2516d ago
Oh well, high hope!

Perfect score is good nonetheless!
FAQS  +   2515d ago
A: Doesn't matter what they give to it...We all know that it deserves more than a Perfect Score: The ULTRAPERFECTSCORE: 10/5!!!!!!!
slave2Dcontroller  +   2516d ago
I love this part of the review..
fantasier som Sony mener er upassende for barn, blir de fort luket vekk om du forsøker å dele dem med andre!

I dont know what the hell it means but it has to be good, LBP getting a 6/6 could only mean 1 thing... ITS FANTASIER!!! XD
Bordel_1900  +   2516d ago
Lol at ITS FANTASIER!!! :)

It means stuff created from your own imagination (fantasier) that happens to be unsuitable for children according to Sony, will be deleted if you try sharing it with others. :)
slave2Dcontroller  +   2516d ago
Well Its Fantastically Fantasier then. Thanks for the translation XD
TrevorPhillips  +   2516d ago
Big Jim your a Little Big Smartass you know that take your stupidity somewhere else
Rhythmattic  +   2515d ago
How about Big Jim talking about his LSB (little small brain)
fredrikpedersen  +   2516d ago
Wow, n4g rarely links to Norwegian websites.
CrippleH  +   2516d ago
Well that's what happens when this website let users post up news.

There is the good one: More hits for other websites, interesting news, (fill in good news here), etc.

There is the bad news: Flamewars, blogs, and mass chaos in discussion.

I find them all fun.
CrippleH  +   2516d ago
Anybody remember trolls statements about MM is to inexperienced to deliver AAA games?

POW!!! right in the Kisser!!!
juuken  +   2515d ago
Sackboy/sackgirl FTW!
CANNOT wait for this game!
crazy25000  +   2515d ago
I havent decided where to pre order from....I dont know which bonus I want haha
Any suggestions?
habsfan9  +   2515d ago
I preordered from Gamestop (Kratos Sackboy FTW)
Coke-a-Cola  +   2515d ago
This Game has not even begun to show its colour ................it will blow the lid off the industry .
sephy 9 2 5  +   2515d ago
2 out of 2
for the win.
gumgum99  +   2515d ago
and the prize.

Cant wait for IGN's review of LittleBigPlanet. its gonna be sweeeet.
MAGNUM RAM SUPPORT  +   2515d ago
Perfection on a bluray disc !
I eat reviews for breakfast. Gimme More!
Says you  +   2515d ago
This game took every dump on every CrapBox 360 game out there
And XBox 360 fans are a major joke to the gaming community thinking all of there retarded games are triple AAA when this one just took a Godzilla dump on all the CrapBox 360 games even the future ones that is coming to the CrapBox 360 is going to get take a dump on by Little Big Planet!.
na2ru1  +   2515d ago
theres no bribery pressure on reviewers, no free gifts from sony, no hypemarketting ie soda bottles
just pure awesomeness is what hit the spot.
na2ru1  +   2515d ago
no matter what it gets
its still a buy
habsfan9  +   2515d ago
lol, i saw a 6 and thought it was 6/10 I was like "WHAT?!?!", then i saw it was 6/6, lol
Peow  +   2515d ago
Who the hell has a scale of 1-6? Lol.
MAGNUM RAM SUPPORT  +   2515d ago
show me a review I can't kill !
LBP 4 LIFe !
Jdoggie  +   2515d ago
6 out of 6???
hahahah good review though!

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