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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG that does the medieval era right with a refreshingly small-scale story and strong realistic combat.

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Brian7655492275d ago

I wish more games were like this, instead we get shown what to do all the time and the combat in so many other games is just mashing the buttons. This is one of the few games that goes for realism.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago

Absolutely agreed one of the things I personally don't like about a lot of games is that developers many times almost feel the need to make it fantasy to fit this sort of trope where I feel we're at a time and gaming right now where it's okay to have a very mature realistic game.

I literally feel some developers believe they need to have the Magic in the fantasy so they could bring in the younger audience.

Trust me I 100% agree with you and completely understand how you feel.

I want a game that is going for the realism and focusing on real grounded settings.

XbladeTeddy274d ago

Yeah, no magic and dragons feels so fresh. Real-life can still be full of interesting stories and constantly feeling like a vulnerable human in a brutal time like this really adds something.

They've taken away the fantasy stuff and simply concentrated on the finer details of history and combat and that shows in this game.

Psychotica275d ago

Sounds good, think I will wait for a patch or two though..

opinionated275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Good idea. The game is great but the devs are on top of it with the complaints like the lock picking and save system.

I think it’s worth 60 bucks and I can’t stand realistic/dramatic games. It’s so realistic that it’s actually interesting to me.

Tankbusta40275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

I don't even mind the save system...but that lockpicking...Jesus Christ. I tried for an hour to open up an "easy" lock and I just gave up. I am no longer going to try to lockpick until that system is fixed. I have been gaming for 30 years now and never ran into a system I could not figure out or do(well maybe that level in battletoads was similarly frustrating...but I was younger at the time)

psplova274d ago

@tankbusta it's a bitch. I agree. But remember to train with Miller penshek and other Millers. Also, the trick i found is to start around the noon position on the left stick and twist that one quickly, trying to keep that other one yellow, best you can.. You can always let go of the right one to reset. It gets easier once you start applying some perks. Like the one that makes your picks stronger and whatnot. I f'n love this game so much man.. I'm out of town moving my sister and can't wait t get back into it. I already planned out my next

Silly Mammo274d ago

Same here. I was on the fence about buying this or MHW. I'd decided to wait until more of he kinks are knocked out. But definitely want to play it down the road.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago

Absolutely agreed both are great games but the way I see it is play Monster Hunter now and just wait until they're able to work out all the Kinks out of this game because I want to play this game when all the issues are fixed.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago

I'm definitely happy to see it is getting at least some solid scores as I'm definitely still waiting for a patch but it's still really good to hear that the core mechanics of the game or solid and it just has a few technical issues that could clearly be addressed later.

I'll probably end up playing this game later this fall.

frostypants274d ago

I am having a blast with it BUT I don't blame you. Definitely keep it on your radar though.

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Smitty2020275d ago

Am sitting on the fence with this for abit linger before i commit

Hungryalpaca274d ago

It’s VERY slow to start. The whole game is a learning experience. You feel like a lowly peasant trying to get by. Even the most mundane task, like walking around the ramparts as a guard, is immersive.

Father__Merrin275d ago

Still would have preferred this to have leveling up progression unlocks etc

Tobse274d ago

Well, you Level up your stats for the things you do

Hungryalpaca274d ago

You level up what you use. If you use a sword your swordsmanship goes up. The way it should be.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago

For something like this I would rather actually have the progression very subtle and not so in your face because in real life when you do something good is not like something is showing in your face what a bunch of numbers and stats

they're going for realism and I think it's a great idea.

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