Dynasty Warriors 9: the lowest performance we've seen on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Sub-30fps with tearing on PS4 Pro and Xbox One? Suffice to say that this one was surprising - and if it's not running great on the enhanced consoles, what's the deal with the base hardware?

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Sgt_Slaughter31d ago

DW9 and PUBG are two games they should always use as examples in university classes for how not to release a game.

mercyblades31d ago

Sheeeesh, what on earth is happening with Omega Force? I'm hearing some questionable character changes, too.

cartoonx131d ago

PUBG was early access and not release unlike DW9.

Kiknyonutz31d ago

People try so hard to give that game crap over it's unreleased state.... I don't know why it's so difficult to understand

sinspirit31d ago

It's out of Beta.

But, it still has tons of issues that should have been fixed during beta.

GameBoyColor31d ago

Not sure how it is for xbox. But it recently full released on pc. Problems still there though.

Servbot4131d ago

Are they charging money in order to play it? Then it's released.

Xb1ps431d ago

But you have to pay for it... no?

thekhurg31d ago

They're charging money for it.

fathertime446430d ago

@then turn
Yes ttbeyre charging money for it. However it clearly states you are paying for an unfinished preview game

rainslacker30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

People can pay for it, and it's on their machines and they're obviously playing it. That to me is released. It's not a traditional release, as it's coined as early access, but it's still released. Since people payed for it, any criticism is fair, although the dev should be given a respectable amount of time to make it better since people buying in should understand what they're getting. Since the dev didn't lie about what was being delivered, they can have the time to fix it. But saying it's not released yet is just an excuse to brush aside the criticisms. If it was a free beta or alpha, then sure, it's not released yet. But that's not the case yet.

Early access still requires a release to get early access too. In the case of PUBG, and others, people are just paying to be beta testers, and will get the full game for the privileged of being a beta tester.

Obviously in the case of DW9, it's a fully released game, and the game appears unfinished, or at least poorly optimized.

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addictedtochaos31d ago

Clearly a case of a game that needed to be delayed.

Whitey2k31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

So if they would choose on what to play on it would be

Pc > ps4 pro > x1x > ps4 > x1

Dragonscale31d ago

Its not the hardware fgs. Its the game is cr4p.

babadivad30d ago

Is it really? I used to enjoy this series a long time ago during the PS2 era.

fathertime446430d ago

Well the dev did a horrible job on every platform

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