Game Focus: The Price Is Right Review

Game Focus writes: "Jay, come on down and play The Price Is Right!!! Yes, I was excited the first time I turned on my DS to play The Price Is Right, Ludia's second licensed game based on a T.V show (the other is Hell's Kitchen). Bid 1$ when everyone's bet is way off, stop the Yodeler from falling down the mountain, Plinko…why isn't this game just like my dream? Bob Barker must be crying somewhere…I know I am."

+ Plinko and Yodeler rocks!
+ Multiplayer option
+ Spinning the wheel with the stylus is actually the only fun thing you will remember doing

- 30$ price tag
- No Bob Barker, not even Drew Carey
- Opponent A.I is too perfect
- Item prices can easily be memorized
- Plain visuals
- Almost no voice-overs
- Just four characters to choose from

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