Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition for Xbox One shows up on Amazon

Grand Theft Auto V became the best selling game of all time in the US last year. Now a Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition for Xbox One has been listed on Amazon and there is a release date as well. Check out the details here.

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winter_hill305d ago

I wonder if it will include the single player story expansions and all the single player DLC released up to this point? Oh wait...

Army_of_Darkness303d ago

Gawdamn! How many times do they need to re-release this game?!

bouzebbal303d ago

still have this game unpacked on 360.

theXtReMe1304d ago

Im hoping you’re right about the Xbox One X enhancements. The game deserves it.

porkChop304d ago

If they charge people for X/Pro enhancements, that would not be ok. Especially considering the game, plus microtransactions, has made somewhere around $8 billion.

theXtReMe1304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

I don’t think that is what he was talking about. I think it is the Premium Edition that would kickstart the Pro/ X patches, which would be available as a free download when the Premium Edition releases. Though, I think if you asked Pro and X owners if they minded paying for a 4K(or whatever the final resolution would be for each machine) patch, with some other visual upgrades... I think you would find that many, myself included, would be first in line. Just to see the game at PC high to ultra levels on the new consoles.

Would that happen? no... I don’t think Sony or Microsoft would want any developer/ publisher setting that kind of precedent for X and Pro upgrades... as you can imagine, especially with the popularity of stuff like loot boxes, developers would milk it for all its worth and nickel and dime gamers for visual upgrades. Which would just piss gamers off. Though, from the developers point of view.. they are taking time, money and manpower in order to provide the patches... so, where’s the incentive?

I think we are safe, though, from developers charging for X and Pro patches. It would set a bad tone for games to come and make many gamers weary over buying the mid-gen upgraded consoles, knowing that they’d also have to pay for the games and patches to play them in 4K.

Regardless, all of this Pro and X patch talk is just that, until Rockstar comes out and says that they are working on them. Though I am keeping my fingers crossed, as this game was on the top of my list of those Id want patched to take advantage of the new systems abilities.

Kaze24303d ago

Who said anything about an enhanced PoS4.. this is an article about the Xbox one X.. Zero PoS4 tags. But not sure it's about X enhancements either, just the germans getting the complete edition of GTA V.

porkChop303d ago


The game hasn't received an update for X or Pro enhancements. The article mentions this edition could include X enhancements, which is why I mentioned the PS4 Pro. If one gets support it's likely the other will too.

fr0sty303d ago

Someone's salty that the "PoS4" has completely dominated the console markets. It's ok, buddy, your system still exists. Go back to playing it.

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XiNatsuDragnel304d ago

Hopefully its some single player DLC

iplay1up2303d ago

I am not being a jerk. I read in game informer, that it was not getting anymore single player DLC, that they felt there was enough. Rockstar I guess is concentration on Red Dead 2.

MoonConquistador302d ago

They're too busy counting all the cash that the multiplayer element is generating to even contemplate any effort in providing single player DLC

cfc83303d ago

And some wonder why red dead 2 is delayed

Profchaos303d ago

It's probably because Rockstar has never ever launched a game on time since pre vice city even vice city got delayed a few weeks

cfc83303d ago

GTA V is still a huge earner for them. They don't want their own games to compete against each other.

_-EDMIX-_302d ago

??? The amount of people that are probably working on this version I don't even believe is enough to delay any game when you're simply making another version of a game in regards to just adding DLC another contents this is something that is of a technical feature it is not something that's going to be hopping writers designers programmers or anything like that.

I feel lots of issues inside of the game industry come from Gamers that are just completely uneducated about how the industry works.

Stuff like this is not actually going to delay a game it doesn't even have anything to do with the main team I would actually be shocked if anyone part of the main Rockstar North team was even working on this.

I mean buddy it would be like trying to say that Uncharted 4 The Last of Us 2 is going to get delayed because of the Uncharted collection and then completely ignore that bluepoint games (a transfer team) is working on that.

It just sounds like there's this huge disconnect between what happens in the industry and what Gamers believe is happening.

I mean buddy seriously let's just use some basic basic common-sense do you honest-to-god believe a team of 200 + developers is working on Grand Theft Auto V just to put the same game and combine the DLC in one package? 🤔🤔🤔

cfc83302d ago

You never read my post properly. I never mention teams or staff issues. It's a simple case of Rockstar not wanting people to stop spending cash on online gtaV. This would happen if RDR2 released whist gtaV still makes huge money. They want to milk gtaV for every dollar. Only once this happens will rdr2 release. Expect it to be delayed again if shark cards are still raking it in.

PapaBop302d ago

They can take all the time they need if they end up delivering a single player experience on par with GTA 5. Look on the bright side, it gives ample time for a big publisher *looks at EA* to drop the ball with microtransactions again and stir up more controversy for it which could see them scale back on whatever plans they have for GTA Online.

cfc83302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Microtransactions are going nowhere. Some people spend upwards of $15,000 on them in a single game.

kevnb303d ago

It’s probably just the game with a bunch of in game money.

SlyBoogie1993303d ago

That's what all the recent bundle editions on the consoles have been so i wouldn't put it past them to release a physical version with some in game money attached, it's ridiculous but they are really milking GTA V still for every penny they can get.

WilliamSheridan303d ago

Honestly the game is good enough to be milked... I still play it... It's fun

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