Game Focus: Defendin' de Penguin Review

Game Focus writes: "There's a simple rule when you're in the Arctic: Never get between a penguin and his fish. Crave Entertainment are attempting to drill that point home with their new real-time strategy game for the younger crowd, Defendin' De Penguin. Considered an entry point to the RTS genre for gamers under 12, DFD mixes cute visuals and simple controls with some challenging strategical gameplay."

+ Offers a good challenge for the younger set
+ Excellent introduction to strategy games
+ Cute characters and animations
+ Simple controls that anyone can grasp
+ A fair number of towers and power-ups to experiment with

- No co-op mode means parents can't be as involved in the game
- Environments are extremely bland
- Character models look like SNES sprites
- Only one way to earn money

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