Adventure game 'Fe' released by Electronic Arts

The indie-made game 'Fe', a seamless narrative adventure game, is now available for on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Origin for PC.

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ziggurcat304d ago

This is an EA game? Definitely not buying knowing that now.

porkChop304d ago

No. It's an indie game, made an indie dev. The EA Originals program just helps provide some exposure for the game, and then EA publishes it for them. EA wasn't involved with the development.

ziggurcat304d ago

It's still published by EA...

porkChop304d ago

It's not an "EA game" though. And it's looking to be a really good game. I don't like EA either, but that's not going to stop me from playing a good game.

ziggurcat304d ago

It is if they're publishing it, and any chance of them getting any of my money went away when they closed visceral.

_-EDMIX-_302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

@zigg-?? Why don't you buy games based on Whose publishing? You're basically saying you're not going to buy game based on the company that is marketing funding or Distributing the game which has very little to do with its development if the actual team is not even owned by the publisher.

I mean using such a dumb logic it would be like trying to say because you didn't like Namco Bandai, so you are not going to buy The Witcher 3 because Namco Bandai Market published and distribute The Witcher 3?

Ummmm ok

You do realize that Publishers do not always 100% own the development team or the intellectual property regarding some deals right?

Put this into consideration Capcom in Japan actually publishes the Grand Theft Auto games...

Sega in Japan to my understanding actually publishes the Electronic Arts games....

So based on your argument you will have to be eliminating a huge wave of games based on whose publishing it internationally.

I don't know about you but I buy games simply based on whether I like it or not. What we do know in gaming is that any publisher and any developer at any time could create a game that is critically acclaimed.

So let's just say if you missed Dead Space, you're not really doing yourself any favors missing content based on some personal bias with a publisher as none of that is even relevant to actual gaming itself.

I mean based on such an idea it would be like trying to say you're actually buying games because you like the publisher development team even with actually hating the actual game itself 😂😂😂 be like "this is one of the worst games I've ever played but because the developer the publisher is really nice I'm going to keep buying them I mean they're not fun but I like the publisher and developer" lol

I mean I like visceral games too but Electronic Arts business-wise had all the reason to close a studio that was losing that money I'm sorry but I just don't play games for these weird personal emotional reasons that you might, your bias literally start sounding extremely immature and childish.

So you're only playing games by Publishers that I've never closed down any studios in the history of Gaming? Come on buddy please get over it it's not that serious and I don't even understand what it actually really has to do with Gamers playing games.

My only criteria for buying a game is simple.


You guys heard me on here talk about many Publishers that I don't really care for from Ubisoft Microsoft Nintendo what have you and I'm telling you right now I will buy games from all of those Publishers if the game is actually fun.

There is not a single publisher and gaming right now that I would ever tell you I would never buy a game from them.

Not 1.

If your determining what games you play based on an issue that has nothing to do with the actual game itself that I have to question why you're even gaming in the first place.

XiNatsuDragnel304d ago

Nope sorry great game and all but EA = NO BUY in any form

KwokXi302d ago

Looks so cute, it is a shame that money would be going into the pockets of those at EA if I were to buy this. Sorry Fe developers :(