Game Focus: Space Trader Review

Game Focus writes: "Independent gaming has always been the source of true gaming innovation on the PC, but for a long time the PC just did not seem to be the system to play the best new games on, that honor went to consoles. But lately we have been seeing more and more incredible and innovative games from independent and small development houses. In steps Hermitworks Entertainment, the developer of Space Trader and Meridian4 who are developing one of my top 10 games this year (2008). In the far future, everything is ruled by the Ministry of Accounts, evil bureaucrats who tax everything from buying, selling, breathing to walking your dog probably."

+ Decent graphics for an indie title, but far from an AAA title in graphical quality
+ Audio is good
+ Fun concept, unique and once you get into the game it is amazing how much time you will sink into the game
+ Smart design for gameplay makes it quick for completing tasks
+ Co-op multiplayer with up to 7 players to battle for the high score and fight together for bounties
+ Gameplay is very good

- Game is actually fairly difficult if you do not pay attention
- Does not fit into a general genre so it is a very difficult game to place which may scare people away
- Multiplayer is not very fun and is flawed
- Voice overs are not good

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