How to Pwn Stress Caused By, and with, Games

Benjamin Cormack writes:

"I am no stranger to stress, and video games have often been the cause and relief of my stress. Virtually any game can be a way of relieving stress, but they can also be the very reason for its existence. While you should probably talk to an expert first regarding stress-related issues, I can offer some suggestions on how to deal with stress while you game."

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FantasyStar3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Sure I'm a bit tense when playing Arcade Mode because I'm concentrated, but it's a good kind. Ya know? I guess the words I'm looking for is "euphoric state of mind". It freshens me up and energizes me. I'm a bit embarrassed, but I frequently delay my daily workouts to play a game of Super Stardust HD. But hey, both activities wake my up and motivate me so why not? No Coffee, Energy Drinks needed. Games are my caffeine, and it's healthy for my mental reflexes!

Plus it gives me a deeper hatred for rocks, spikes balls, snakes, and laser cannons everytime I play. :) Can't say much for my ever-delaying homework though.