Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has a Cute Legend of Zelda Easter Egg Tucked Away

Kingdom Come: Deliverance released this week to mostly positive acclaim from both critics and fans alike. Like any open world RPG, there’s a TON to do and discover over the course of your adventure, and I’m sure plenty of Easter eggs to be found.

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joab777303d ago

I have been pulling for this game for so long. Still caught up in MHW, but this is next! I am so happy it is this good! A Kickstarter AAA rpg is no easy feat.

AND the reason why I wanted to see this game succeed, other than its origin, is it focus on dynamic gameplay. With a small power leap this gen, the opportunity was there to push dynamic gameplay. But it hasn't happened to the degree I thought it would. This game seems to attempt it, and I live it for that!