PlayStation Sweden's FB Page Suggests The Last of Us 2 Will Be Released In 2018

It looks like Naught Dog's The Last Of Us 2 will be heading along our way along with Sucker Punch's new IP Ghosts of Tsushima in the year 2018.

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FITgamer122d ago

Yeah not happening. Even if they could, they shouldn't. They have so many bangers releasing this year already. Also with Days Gone this year it would be better to hold TLOU 2 until next year.

Cyborgg122d ago

Why so many downvotes 🤔

ClayRules2012122d ago

Good question. Some people just, idk lol.

I hope your having a good morning!

SenorFartCushion122d ago

Teenagers. They hear something from someone of whom they look up to and repeat it without thinking about the pros and cons.

DialgaMarine122d ago

Could be the impatient children demanding they get everything the second they want it, or it could be the PlayStation haters getting upset that PS4 is getting great support even after its 5th year.

DarXyde122d ago


This is remarkably wishful thinking.

Atticus_finch122d ago

Sony has too many amazing games in 2018. TLOU and ghost should come out in 2019.

ClayRules2012122d ago

I agree. It makes sense. Gotta spread out the exclusives. We already have God of War War, Spider-Man, Detroit, and Days Gone coming this year. I’m not sure of the release date for Dreams.

TGGJustin124d ago

I wish we could stop with articles like this. Neither one of those games is releasing before 2019.

Dark_Knightmare2122d ago

Ghost is easily coming this year but I do believe tlou part 2 is early 2019

Obscure_Observer122d ago


And you think Sony would pitch a new ip like Ghost of Tsushima against Red Dead Redemption 2? They know better.

mkis007122d ago

No it's not, thats a 2019 title. They would not release a new ip like that in the holiday season. They also need to show it off like they did for horizon ZD. There is way too much coming out this year for that to have its own place.

TGGJustin121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

No Ghost will not release this year. Sony already has to release God of War, Detroit, Spider Man, Dreams, Days Gone and Concrete Genie and give all of them their own time to breathe. Ghost and TLOU P2 are 2019.

ziggurcat124d ago

Nope. This is a 2019 release.

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The story is too old to be commented.