Don't Believe the Hype: The disappointment of over-anticipation

K. Lamorris Waller writes:

"As games like Assassin's Creed and Grand Theft Auto IV have shown us, video game hype can get well out of hand. Not to say that these games are bad, because they are not, but too often, gamers set their standards and expectations too high only to be incredibly let down by the game's mediocre gameplay. As a result, the backlash at some of these games has proven detrimental to the franchise's reputation."

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DevastationEve3688d ago

I honestly don't see how how Assassin's Creed would be the prime candidate for over hype. Over hype is fine as long as they deliver. And it delivered pretty well! It's one of my favorite games.

I'm going to Jade's place and comfort her for a while, you guys made her cry!

(what a lady!)

mariusmal3688d ago

yeah i loved assassins creed and i'm currently replaying it. and gta 4 was great also.