PERSONA5 the Animation Acquired by Aniplex of America For U.S. Release

PERSONA5 the Animation acquired by Aniplex of America. Premier coming in April 2018. Anime adaptation of hit JRPG series from Atlus returns to the world of Persona 5.

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kalkano182d ago

Not surprising, but still good to hear, since 4 Golden wasn't dubbed in English. I figured this would be, since 5 was the biggest release for the series yet.

djplonker182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

I had the p4g bluray set and I am sure it had an english dub or I would not have bought it.

kalkano182d ago

There are 2 P4 animations. The original had an English dub, but P4G did not.

Teflon02182d ago

I never heard of golden being dubbed. Maybe you have the p4anime and not the Golden anime. The golden anime was pretty bad, since it was just the extra scenes from the vita game. Wasn't even done in a story lol. Felt like robot chicken for persona lol

182d ago
derkasan182d ago

Enemy down! You're so gorgeous, Panther.

justy112182d ago

is anyone really surprised that Sony got the anime license for North America, lol.

lodossrage182d ago

You'd be shocked how many people don't know Aniplex is a Sony subsidiary.

PhantomS42182d ago

I didn't but Aniplex does good dubs which is all that matters to me.

The Wood182d ago

I was one of those. . . . Cheers

Teflon02182d ago

Obvious, but disappointed. I'd rather FUNimation so it can get a simuldub. Hate waiting. Plus aniplex prices are trash

Snookies12182d ago

Definitely agree, their prices are insane.

Teflon02182d ago

Right!? I wanted kill LA kill back when they were first releasing the dub because I liked the show when I watched it subbed and I'll buy shows dubbed to rewatched and collect. I saw like 4 to 5 episodes for like $40+ on bluray while I can get 13 eps for $50 of any show with FUNi lol. Plus better long term support

BlaqMagiq1182d ago

I knew Aniplex was gonna was gonna get and I'm still disappointed by this. Their prices are outrageous.