Where is Rayman?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Ubisoft, one of the most prolific third-party video game companies from around the globe have created a repertoire of fantastic titles and even more amazing franchises over the years. From the Far Cry series, titles that are inspired by the Tom Clancy name, to Assassin’s Creed, these games have built the framework for the French developer as one of the industry’s best, but having said all of that, it does seem a certainly lovable mascot has been left in the dark and nowhere to be seen. Today, we take a look as to where is Rayman and why it is so important for the oddball character to be part of Ubisoft’s success."

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FallenAngel1984272d ago

Rayman was Ubisoft’s mascot and there should be a new game released

I loved the engine so much that I bought Child of Light partly due to it using the same engine that gave me Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends

Relientk77272d ago

"Rayman Creator Michel Ancel Wants to Make Rayman 4"

The creator wants to do it. He said it last Fall.

PlayStation_5271d ago

It's hard to believe that Rayman Legends was released almost 5 years ago! I really hope Michael Ancel starts Directing "Rayman 4" after he finishes Beyond Good & Evil 2 this year...

ninsigma271d ago

Would love one akin to Rayman 2. That's my favorite one.

PhantomS42271d ago

I'd love for a new Rayman game for Switch. I know Legends came out for Switch but I've played that to death.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan271d ago

I platinumed both Origins and Legends, loved the games so much, but I know nothing about the prior Rayman games so of course I would probably want a follow-up to those two.

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