Animal Crossing - More Details & Gameplay Video

Check out the latest details on the upcoming 'Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City/City Folk' for Nintendo Wii along with a gameplay video.

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Darkiewonder3712d ago

Why are people adding Gamecube news again?

jofra013712d ago

This is actually Wii news, the full game title for the Wii Animal Crossing is to long

Zerodin3712d ago

This will outsell LBP, but a wide margin.
PS3tards will go "BAAAAAAAW!" and gnash their teeth.

jofra013712d ago

I actually agree with you there, sure Nintendo won't hype this up as much as LBP probably but more people with Wiis will buy this game

Xiru3712d ago

Ooo ps3tards, how original. How can you even like the Wii?

Xiru3712d ago

Woot animal crossing! The first of two hardcore games being released for Wii in the next ten years. Oh wait, is this even a hardcore game? Nintendo thinks it is!

jofra013712d ago

I think Nintendo is aiming this to the casual crowd, their upcoming Hardcore titles will be 'Sin & Punishment 2', 'Punch Out!' and a few others.

Captain_Sony3712d ago

"Xiru - 5 hours ago
1 -
I was in the beta and here are my thoughts on what the score should be:

-before beta I guessed about 9.6
-after playing the game a bit, at least 9.8

This game is great as you all already know. IGN should have given it a higher score. I believe they could have gotten away with a 9.9, but I understand they don't want to throw around high scores because of the 10's they gave out recently. But is it PS3's fault for having so many great games this year? Give the games the scores they deserve. "..

Hmm thats odd. one minute he's gushing over a casual title that will target the same kids as AC does. Oh but AC is just complete garbage.. Thats honestly where any copy of LBP would be if it came in my house. Give me WKS,RE5, I'll even take Fat Princess but LBP is just too kiddie.

Product3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Xiru why do you come to wii news?
Window shopping? lol.
Wii has alot of great titles coming people dont want to admit that.This spring will be the best couple months for the wii ever since it launched.