Game Designer Richard Garriott Blasts Into Space

Richard Garriott is the first game designer in space. The creator of the Ultima series of video games was launched into orbit 17 hours ago with a crew aboard a Soyuz TMA spacecraft.

In a kind of marketing gimmick for his online game, the flight dovetails with the storyline of Garriot's Tabula Rasa game, which begins when aliens wipe out Earth. He's taking the DNA of a variety of celebrities in a bid to preserve a "copy of the human race" at the space station. Garriott previously made an appearance on The Colbert Report after he promised to take Colbert's DNA up into space. That's pretty good publicity for NCSoft, the publisher of the game, but Garriott is paying for the $30 million trip from his own riches.

Garriott is the sixth space tourist to fly a rocket into space, but his mission is likely draw a lot of attention from around the globe. As the son of NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, he's the first second generation astronaut. You can track his progress on a web site.

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thereapersson3688d ago

A variety of celebrities is where he instantly went wrong...

Then again, it doesn't tell us the "celebrities" he chose, so they could be anyone.

thereapersson3688d ago

That painting is EPIC!!!

Bubbles for you, Sir, for finding that for me.

Tetsuryu3688d ago

No problem. Back at ya. ;)

peowpeow3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Soulja Boy comes to mind..becoz his news has been quite an infestation lately :p
I hope they alter his genes and chromosomes then inject it into him so he can make some good lyrics

borisfett3688d ago

Kudos to Garriott for realising his dreams.