Eight Games That Really Should Get a Sequel

Sean Mesler at GameSpew: Sequels aren't always great, but when we find a game we love, we're always left wanting more. Here are eight games that really should get a sequel.

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ShwaaMan245d ago

I’m not sure about all of these.... but bring on Bloodborne 2 already

Seraphim245d ago

I'm not sure about the others either. I refuse to click on 10 pages for a list.

But Bloodborne is a obvious no brainer. Be it a spin off, reboot, sequel, prequel, whatever. I don't care what it is long as it's another great game by From.

Mr Marvel245d ago

I hate myself for clicking on all the pages. lol
I really don't like it when sites are setup this way, but I had a laugh at how bad all these games were outside of Bloodborne (which is masterful).

Magnetar245d ago

I personally would rather them do a different setting than bloodborne.

245d ago
Tigerblud245d ago

I think there will be another Bloodborne. I think they have already hinted at it.

Mr Marvel245d ago

I'm thinking E3 2018. (fingers crossed)

Mr Marvel245d ago

Outside of Bloodborne 2, which definitely needs a sequel, the rest of this list is shit.

LandoCalrissiano245d ago

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 should get a sequel.

gammaray13245d ago

you guys really have shit taste in games, apart from Bloodborne the rest are total crap and some didn't even deserve the first game

N2NOther243d ago

Thanks! Actually besides Legend of Kage, which I admit in the article is mostly a nostalgia pick, all of the games I listed are either solid or great. Thanks for reading, though.

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