Resistance2 Beta invitations coming Monday 11 PT

EcR967, moderator on the official Resistance forums, has revealed that Resistance 2 Beta codes will be distributed on Monday 11:00 Pacific time.

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TheHater3686d ago

I better get my dams codes.

tocrazed4you3686d ago

Something to come home too and play hehehe while my gf is away lol

Mutley4163686d ago

Yes Please!!!
Been waiting... But The 14th a busy day...Tuesday-
Buying Socom and Renting Dead Space... I wanna check out a creepy shooter-

istopformoshes3686d ago

This is NOT confirmed by ANYONE. Nothing has been stated in the forum about the codes being sent. A statement was taken out of context, which lead to this. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS POST, IT IS NOT FACT.

micro_invader3685d ago

Ahh, damn. Thanks for the info though. Bubbles to you.

mamaofosama3686d ago

if you actually read the whole thread you will see that nothing is confirmed, so don't get to excited because it might be nothing

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The story is too old to be commented.