GameStyle Review: Facebreaker

GameStyle writes: "Of late we've seen the boxing genre embrace realism and simulation with Electronic Art's well received Fight Night series. Facebreaker is an attempt to satisfy those that miss the arcade thrills of classics such as Ready 2 Rumble and Punch-Out!! or just the option to leather an opponent minus any concern for tactics and conditioning. On the basis of Facebreaker, Gamestyle will be waiting a little longer to leap into the ring once more.

The fundamental principle at work here is to pick a cartoon-like character and proceed to knock the living daylights out of someone. This could be ideal for any frustrated office worker after a day at work, least we forget those that love simple, straightforward experiences that don't really justify a game manual. In an era of videogames being justified in terms of length or multitude of options, a release that warrants the overused phrase 'pick up and play' is a rarity."

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