Its Time for a Black Panther Game

Beast just sharing his thoughts thinking about Black Panther as a video game.

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PhoenixUp181d ago

It’s time for a lot of Marvel characters to get their own solo game nowadays besides Spider-Man

SavageKuma181d ago

I was thinking that too when I first found out that there was a Daredevil game in production but was cancelled. There is still video of the alpha build of the game too.

-Foxtrot181d ago

Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Daredevil etc all need games, even ones which have had some like The Punisher or Deadpool need something better developed.

SavageKuma181d ago

Punisher definitely needs a new game. I still have the OG Xbox Version. I would not mind seeing a Luke Cage or Iron Fist Game. i think we need a better Captain America game too.

SavageKuma180d ago

lol, Honestly I want more than Black Panther so many heroes should have a game.