Devil May Cry HD Will Be Free for Twitch Prime Members Later This Month

Capcom runs a limited time promotion for Devil May Cry HD Collection for Twitch Prime members.

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Protagonist275d ago

But will it be ported for the switch?

InTheZoneAC275d ago

Free for PC only because of smallest potential sales compared to console? I have it on ps3 but I haven't seen if it's going to be very similar or redone completely like SotC.

Seraphim275d ago

it's not a remake like SoTC. I can guarantee that. Whether or not they make some minimal adjustments between PS3 and PS4 I do not know but more likely than not it's the same game.

275d ago
smashman98275d ago

It's gonna be similar to ps3 which is a shame I really wish they'd at least redo the cg cutscenes for hd tv's

neutralgamer1992275d ago

is this basically another one of those capcom's money grab ports or is there really effort being put into these ports for next gen consoles. because on ps3 the HD collection was just okay

Darkwatchman275d ago

Considering neither ps4 pro nor Xbox One x get 4k support, I’d say it’s a quick cash grab.

Miss_Vixen275d ago

Unfortunately it's the former. This port is pretty much like the PS3 HD versions... The only thing that got bumped was the resolution from 720p to 1080p

Darkwatchman275d ago

Not even that. The last gen collection already ran at 1080p.

we420275d ago

Damn, I was excited until I saw PC only

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