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Bayonetta is a game of contradictions. A great game yet annoying, brilliant to play but incredibly frustrating, great to look at while at times muddy & bland, can crush your spirit yet give huge dollops of euphoria. It is a game that requires commitment, technique, reactions, skill, as well as the ability to adapt, to learn, and problem solve on the fly. The game may be rife with dichotomy but is it worth your time and your hard earned cash?

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maybelovehate250d ago

It's like the PC version except way worse. Yay

masterfox250d ago

What is this 2009 ?, ....Oooooh is the Switch!... sorry :D

Germ_the_Nobody250d ago

I absolutely love the Bayonetta games. Can't wait to play them on my Switch! =)

zacfoldor250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

I loved the PC version of Bayonetta, but the real reason I preordered the bayo+bayo2 games for the Switch was Bayonetta 2. Can't wait to play that one. I just need to finish Dark Souls 3 first.