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The third generation remake of Shadow of the Colossus aims to deliver the same experience that veterans are craving, while taking full advantage of modern technology. Read this review to find out if Bluepoint Games and Sony were successful.

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UnHoly_One304d ago

I bought and played this yesterday and man… I’ve been looking at this game through rose colored glasses for the last 13 years or however long it has been.

It’s not as amazing as I remember it being. But a big part of that might be the fact that it is really only good the first time, and once you know everything, it loses is luster.

I forgot how finicky and glitchy the climbing can be sometimes, the camera can be awful, and even the “modernized” controls leave a lot to be desired.

I finished it 5 hours, 9 minutes. And that was with a hefty amount of hunting lizards and eating fruit. lol

I don’t remember it being that short.

All in all, I was super disappointed. I wish I could play it again for the first time, though. Hopefully some new players that have never played it will experience it for the first time because of this release.