Sea of Thieves' Leaked Kraken Images Showcase its Terrifying Size

Leaked images of the gigantic Kraken in Sea of Thieves have surfaced, and this terrifying beast is a lot larger than anticipated.

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Angainor7302d ago

This game has so much potential longterm. Hopefully they don't f*#k it up

Septic302d ago

Kraken battles! Just what I asked For! Oh shieeeee

PUBG302d ago

Hey, who doesn't like a good Kraken battle?

RadicalCannibal302d ago

4 people so far don’t like Kraken battles

PEEPer302d ago

There won't be any battles, kraken is a random occurence. Dislike.

Atanasrikard301d ago


The Kraken should be a random occurrence. You should have to hunt for the kraken if you want to take it on. Not, go to such and such area where he is always located. And don't tell me once you come across the kraken there won't be a battle that ensues!

Maybe you should read the article instead of being a clueless fool who never planned on getting the game anyway.

RacerX301d ago

I'm gonna have to check this game out more. I wasn't really interested at first, but the more detail that's released makes it sound like a pretty cool game.

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Obscure_Observer302d ago

OMG! That´s gonna be HUGE! Just imagine; you´re are in the middle of a ship battle then you have to deal with a gigantic Kraken at the same time! O.o

Tension, Fear, Panic and Dispair!

I´m ready! (i think) Lol!

mark_parch302d ago

if your in a ship battle I imagine it would be wise to forget the battle and join forces to battle the kraken, there're the kind of decisions that will make sea of thieves great

301d ago
No Way301d ago

fuck that, parch.. this is my glory. Im sinking you, buddy. Either before or after.

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3-4-5301d ago

Secret Pirate Hideout!

301d ago
Kribwalker302d ago

that looks awesome, i can’t wait for my first Kraken battle

mark_parch302d ago

look at the freaking size of it. the more I see of this game the more excited I get

301d ago
PEEPer302d ago

It won't be a battle. Do you ever read the article in the op?

Tedakin301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

You do fight the Kraken and can defeat it for rewards.


Legacy212301d ago

Yea did u even read lol it's not a boss fight but when it appears u can obviously fight it lol

zerocarnage301d ago

Yes it says you need to attack it to set your ship free and should imagine attack it to defeat it and stop hounding you..

Kiwi66301d ago

Wouldn't you call fighting something that is a lot bigger than your ship a battle as it would be a battle for survival would it not ?

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crazyh0rse302d ago

from the images that Kraken looks like its going to do some damage.

ossyc302d ago

No single player and forced multiplayer. It's just one game mode, not good enough; there's fuck all to do

PUBG302d ago

Look at the size of that freakin' Kraken!

PEEPer302d ago


Fishy Fingers302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

And on the random occurrence it does pop up, then you can battle it.

No need to shout fella. “these tentacles will need to be attacked in order to set a ship free from its grasp.”

jagermaster619301d ago


Seriously man chill out! We get that you don't want to play this game yet you purposely try and rain on people's parades. Go play your PlayStation and shut up!

Tedakin302d ago

Well you can fight a bigass Kraken. That's one thing to do.

thrust302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Some people just find it hard to be social, you can find these people are often the ones who play offline or in single player games.

Also play online but by themselves still.

mark_parch302d ago

you can play solo, I have many times in the alpha and beta and had fun but you should try and get some friends if you don't like solo

zerocarnage301d ago

Have you played it yet, obviously no.

301d ago
thrust301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Mako what are you on about 😂

What game have you been watching or playing to come up with that dribble?

Oh I see your one of them singleplayer gamers that have hard times online 😉

301d ago
thrust301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Who said I was butthurt 😂

I just pointed out the dribble!

Not all games are for everyone online gaming can be hard!

301d ago
thrust301d ago

Are you jealous or something? You keep on saying people are butthurt when it maybe you who is?

Do you only have a Sony console and a low powered PC?

301d ago
thrust301d ago

Yep I knew I was right!

Sony console and low end PC! It’s ok it might still come to Sony or you could upgrade your pc my friend, just don’t take it out on others 😂

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Vames301d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if this is your view, wouldn't it also mean that no multiplayer means forced singeplayer? Not good enough; there's fuck all to do. It's just one game mode.

maybelovehate301d ago

When did they announce no single player? Has it been removed or are you just spreading fud like always.

81BX301d ago

If there is no single player.... of course there is no. How is that forced?

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Tedakin302d ago

a lot bigger than i was expecting