I Wouldn't Get Your Hopes Up For a Resident Evil 7 Xbox One X Update

Eagerly awaiting an Xbox One X enhancement update for Resident Evil 7? The 'Coming Soon' status on Microsoft's website may be a misleading.

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theXtReMe1129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

As you said... I wouldn’t get your hopes up. The reason being is Resident Evil 7, Doom, The Division and a few other AAA titles have been on that list since day one and we’ve never heard a word on any potential release date for those patches.

I bought all of those games specifically because of them being on Microsofts list of games that were getting 4K patches. Go on any of those developers forums and there’s not a word of any updates coming. All of which have people begging for them, with no response from the developer one way or the other.

So I’m just going to say they are never coming and Microsoft prematurely assumed that they would be getting patches since most had them on the Pro. Because why wouldn’t the developers keep fans updated, especially when all of those games have gotten multiple patches since... which means the developers are actively working on them and have and have had every opportunity to update them for the X. Unless they are going back and updating the engine the games are built on, but then why not be transparent with the gamers who’ve been waiting?
There also comes a point of time when it doesn’t make sense for them to upgrade an aging game that most have already played through. Which many of these games have passed or are nearing.

If Microsoft has it on their list, they need to be more vigilant in getting those games delivered... or at least letting gamers know a time frame when they might see those patches. Which means keeping in contact with third party developers and seeing where they are on their X patch journey.

I hope these games see a patch, but Im not holding my breath anymore.

shloobmm3128d ago

I doubt MS prematurely assumes anything. That probably have commitments from all of those companies.

81BX128d ago

I think you're the one that prematurely assumed the update would be coming shortly after you purchased them.

theXtReMe1128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

No. Ive been very patient, but they have been on the list since before the X released and its been 3 more months and we’ve heard nothing from the developers responsible. Im still hopeful, but with no word from them since... I’m starting to wonder if they are working on them at all. I think when people ask on their forums, it would be nice to hear a “dont worry, we are hard at work making sure we take full advantage of the hardware”. Its the complete silence that worries me.

Im very excited to play these games on the X, at their full console potential. So please don’t take my impatience for anything other than that.

The_Jackel128d ago

Unlucky for you that the devs don't have to do an update. ;)

81BX128d ago

I get the impatient part. Hell... I'm still waiting for MOH warfighter to be backward compatible.

Belinker300128d ago

Japanese game favour Japanese Condes,pure and simple

Dlaw76128d ago

You sound stupid but if what you saying holds any weight I think American companies should do the same thing I bet ish would change immediately

Belinker300128d ago

By American you mean Xbox or Apple...pffft!

Belinker300128d ago

They already do if Trump is anything to go by

Belinker300128d ago

You sound butt hurt to suggest I was talking outside game development

TheCommentator128d ago

If they were "American," Belinker300 wouldn't have used the word favour... It's spelled favor over here in the States.

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shloobmm3128d ago

Resident Evil 7 was confirmed to get an X update from Capcom forever ago. They actually said that once the Scorpio launched it would simply download the PC's highest assets and have a 4k resolution. I wonder what happened to that.

hulk_bash1987128d ago

Could be its was more difficult than they ordiginally thought. Or the update got backburnered while they work on other things. Either way, hopefully One X owners get an update or confirmation soon.

Alucard_420128d ago

they may have miss manage there time and resources with MH world on the horizon, they could of done a 180 and focus on making that game better.

ConsoleGamer128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Might be because the xboxonex really isn't a thing. Not every dev/pub wants to waist money for a micro sized audience. At this point people should be glad that atleast some japanese company release their games on exbox. But expecting them to care for 1x is just too much

Gman32128d ago

sure sure that must be why theres over 70 xbox one x enhanced games

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