Evereye Italia reviews Little Big Planet - 10/10. "A small, big revolution"

The biggest italian gaming website evereye network has given perfect score to LBP. The editor writes:-

"The marvel of technical title is interwoven especially with the work style, which has been variously discussed in the preceding paragraphs. The scene is painted in the eyes of the player is a heterogeneous mix of materials, colorful and exuberant, full of brio and energy. Together with lush colors, the sympathy of Sackboy is at the forefront irretire for the player, constantly seduced and flattered by the brilliant simplicity of the forms. "


The name of the website is "EverYeye". sorry for the typo

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eric1003686d ago


RonDeMuerte3686d ago

......that's all I wanna say......

eric1003686d ago

It will get atleast 100 10/10


This game is simply AMAZING!!!!

Rick Astley3686d ago

WTF? I didn't even think it was possible to get a user name that damn long. Either way LBP FTW!

TheHater3686d ago

This game is averaging a 9.7 so far out of 11 reviews.
The 21st I will not have school, and that is a good thing.

LightningPS3PS33686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Quantum Theory > Gears of War.

Just felt I had to say that.

Harri44443685d ago

Quantum Theory >> Gears of War

Peter Griffin3685d ago

lol theres a new Lightning?

theEnemy3685d ago

Come on guys, be decent. This is not Quantum Theory or Gears of War 2 topic.

I'm also rooting for Quantum Theory, but to say Quantum Theory >> Gears of War 2 on a LittleBigPlanet Topic is pure fanboyism. And it's not good.

Post that in open zone or don't post it at all.

FFS, grow up a little.

Harri44443684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

sorry i got a little carried away. but it was on topic because i was replying to LightningPS3PS3. and i'm not a fanboy i'm a fanman.

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White-Sharingan3686d ago

keep those 9's and 10's coming

this deserves it

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