Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo Switch Review- IGN

The Switch version delivers the same great action-packed, hack-and-slash moments from the Wii U, while smoothing out some rough edges.

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Elda301d ago

I want to play this but not for over 300 dollars.

corroios301d ago

get the wii u version, Its the same.

darthv72301d ago

Agreed, I just got it myself for WiiU. Maybe Elda doesnt have a WiiU though? So either way they'd still have to get something to play this game.

301d ago
Elda301d ago

Don't have a Wii-U otherwise I wouldn't have made my original comment.

maybelovehate301d ago

I have a Switch but I am holding out for them to bring it to PC. Switch is awful as a console.

Segata301d ago

No, you don't otherwise prove it.

maybelovehate301d ago

What proof do you want? the serial number.. I have a Switch. Deal with it. Have had it since Launch. Sorry if that doesn't work for your agenda.

Elda301d ago

I won't say the Switch is awful,I like the fact that it's a portable gaming console that plays on the go & also at home on a hd tv. Personally for me it needs more exclusive hardcore action titles something imo the Switch lacks. Though Bayonetta 1 -3 is a start but not enough for me to fork over 300 usd for yet.

KomaRising300d ago

They will never release it for PC. You can play Bayonetta 1 but thats it.

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Belinker300301d ago

You can play it on the Wii U then

Belinker300301d ago

I assume your factoring in the price of a brand new Switch? how ridiculous

Elda301d ago

How is that ridiculous? I stated I don't own a Wii-U or a Switch,if I wanted to play Bayonetta 2 I would have to buy either consoles which would cost me 200 or more for the Wii-U & game & for the Switch & game over 300.

blawren4300d ago

Agreed. So every time a game comes out, we have to factor in the cost of the game + console, ignoring the fact that multiple games can or have been purchased for the system. Do people factor in the cost of a blu ray player in their movies or CDs they buy. The cost of a TV or internet when getting netflix subscription. What about concessions at the movie theater, hell even gas to drive there, time wasted in the bathroom etc.

Belinker300301d ago

I want to play sea of Theives,but not for 1000 dollars on one X😂

Elda301d ago

It wouldn't cost a 1000 dollars unless you want to buy a high end PC to play it or buy a XBOX & a UHD tv.

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gamer7804301d ago

Great game. Can't believe it still runs at 720p. Hope Sega partners for bayo1 on pspro and Xbox one x.

maybelovehate301d ago

just release it on pc already. Nobody wants to play a game at that low of a resolution.

holdmyown83301d ago

Speak for yourself nobody.

Tazzy301d ago

Its a Switch exclusive now no chance for a PC or any other console version.

FancyMudkip301d ago

Kamiya: "As I have said earlier, if you want Bayonetta 2 on PS4 or Xbox One, how about trying to ask Nintendo… If Nintendo doesn’t say yes, it’s not going to happen… While you’re at it, try asking for Mario and Zelda too…"

quantoxtech301d ago

Did he actually say this? I'm seriously asking because it seems like something he would actually do.

Prince_TFK301d ago

“Guy is a sellout.”

Sellout? What? Because Nintendo PAID him to make game for their console? Why do you think he has any obligation to do what you want him to do?

Segata301d ago

Your salt tastes good.

Prince_TFK301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Maybe you still haven’t notice, but this game was funded by Nintendo. Therefore, just like any other Nintendo-funded games, it is an exclusive to Nintendo platform.

You should just stop saying the same thing again and again on Bayonetta’s article. It is getting tiresome.

And one more thing, if you hate the Switch so much (as evidenced from your past comments) then why did you “buy” it in the first place?

maybelovehate301d ago

Because I love Zelda and Nintendo is holding that game hostage on terrible hardware. Feel so bad for those poor developers.

WPX300d ago

Funding a game is now "holding a game hostage"?
So... by this logic, Street Fighter 5 is "held hostage" by Sony since Sony funded that game, right?

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