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Adam Cook: "Bayonetta 2 remains one of Platinum’s best games, and is a treat on Switch just as it was on Wii U. "

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Bretty38d ago

That was a nice read. On the fence about picking the games up. Never played them before but I used to love the Devil May Cry games back in the day.

GodisaGeek37d ago

You'll definitely enjoy it, just be aware some of the... noises and scenes are a little close to the bone and might embarrass you in front of others! :)

Bretty37d ago

I've played the likes of Senran Kagura on a train. I have no shame 😂

wonderfulmonkeyman37d ago

Still own it on Wii U so I'm not sure if I'm going to double-dip at this point.
Might just wait for #3.

quent37d ago

Yeah or maybe wait for the trilogy collection, I'm sure that will be a thing