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We've combined our Bayonetta 1 and 2 Nintendo Switch review into one. Both games are great and the sequel is a more polished, better-realised extension of the predecessor.

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129d ago
UKRsoldja129d ago

Bayonetta is 720p, no AA, same visuals as WiiU and drops as low as 38fps. God, the Switch is weak. Too bad, because I wanted to get one.

Dizzy11523129d ago

WRONG. It stays at 60fps.
And the Switch is a portable so calling it weak is lol-able.

UKRsoldja128d ago

Hmm, weird, because this link shows otherwise. I guess dropping to 36 fps is staying at 60 fps for you?

Belinker300129d ago

I recommend you read Digital Foundries analysis on the game before you make false statements.It runs 60fps and is on par with the Xbox one X in performance (not bad considering it plays in handheld form)

UKRsoldja128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Digital Foundry video shows frequent small drops, along with a 36fps drop at 6:45 in the video.

The Xbox One X is playing this game via SOFTWARE EMULATION and holds 60 fps. Lol. Emulation is notorious for requiring about 10x the power to work properly. A native xbox one x version would likely be 4k/60.

marloc_x128d ago

It's the size..

..of an Archie comic.

Tazzy128d ago

Do some research kid the Switch may be weak and you mentioned the Xbox One X and that weak console is kicking the Xbox One X around in sales even with it 4K graphics with checkerboarding. :)

Bayonetta Switch 60FPS with minor drops ->

Bayonetta 2 Switch 60FPS with minor drops

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