It's Okay to Play it Easy

MonsterVine: "Hoping a developer includes options and settings to make a more tailored made experience for different types of players is okay. “Gitting gud” is a two-way street. While no one is entitled to finishing a game, I favor game design which encourages different types of players to experience their art. "

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cfc83186d ago

I agree. I prefer the continuity of the less difficult modes.

Elda186d ago

Absolutely agree if you don't want to continue to be frustrated.

186d ago
TheEnigma313186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I don't think the game would be that fun on easy. The difficulty is the allure. I think this game appeals to older gamers from the NES days like myself.

Xenophon_York186d ago

Agreed, TheEnigma313. Nintendo Entertainment System games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Battletoads, RoboCop and Bayou Billy basically turned me into a meditation master of patience.

Still, some modern games have such great stories that I can't help but go through the first time on the next to easiest difficulty setting.

TheEnigma313186d ago

I agree; story driven games, I don't mind the easier difficulty.

Xenophon_York186d ago

If met with the difficulty choices of 'easy, normal, hard, and extreme' I pick normal ninety-nine percent of the time. Easy just kind of makes me feel like I'm five, and hard is just slightly annoying enough that dying starts to take me out of the immersion of the story.

Later play throughs might include tougher difficulty to get trophies, though.