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Bayonetta 2 was one of the very best games the Wii U had to offer, a beautifully chaotic action adventure that set a new standard for the genre back in 2014. It was a game that likely slipped under a lot of people’s radars too, being a sequel that no one anticipated for a console few would have chosen let alone owned, funded by a company not exactly known for its adult-focused releases. Strong reception or not, it felt like one of those one-off Nintendo experiments that didn’t find an audience. Of course, Nintendo would catch us all off guard once more at last year’s The Game Awards by announcing a third entry in the series for Switch. Not only that but we’d be given one more chance to experience the second (and original) game on the device too – an offer no one should pass on.

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michellelynn0976307d ago

Here we go! Let the hype begin. The first real great game of the year. Well, Dragon Quest Builders is incredible.

Neonridr307d ago

for the Switch you mean.. the rest of the world has been enjoying Monster Hunter (myself included) :P

307d ago
Shmeidi307d ago

I'm all for loving my Switch... but lets not over hype ports now.

milkshake2307d ago

LOL hype for an old game!
You've been missing a lot then LMAO.


Most gamers missed out on this one. It was a Wii U exclusive.

Neonridr307d ago

well.. it's still a great game, so let's not suddenly assume it's garbage or anything.

Elda307d ago

You can't with that one.

TallonIV307d ago

Like what? Shadow of the colossus remaster 3.0? ;)

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Shmeidi307d ago

While it's a great game, I don't see it as a 10/10.

corroios307d ago

Lol. only Nintendo can get away with this. Perfect score....

DARK_FOX307d ago

You do realize Nintendo didn’t make this game? Platinum games did. They have games across all platforms and they all usually get high scores.

corroios307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Only games on Nintendo system can get away with this. The main deal of this port its the portability. In terms of evolution is close to ZERO. Graphics wise is almost the same, no AA, blurry textures at 720p on 2018. But it gets a perfect score.

imagine if they improved all aspects of the game. What would be the score? Dont get me wrong. I think bayonetta KICS ass and its a cool hack and slash, but this isnt the way to make ports, much less get perfect scores or near perfect scores.

This game in another console would have a huge jump in every single aspect

Neonridr307d ago

that's the whole thing about reviews, they are subjective to the person reviewing them. Maybe you feel that it's a 9/10, that's fine. Or perhaps it's only an 8/10.. ok. But it was one of the best Wii U games and scored insanely high there, so why shouldn't it score high again when re-released? Just because it's not a brand new game and a re-release doesn't suddenly make it any less fun. I guess SOTC should score lower because it was a PS2, and PS3 released title already?

corroios307d ago

You still dont understand. SOTC evolved in every single aspect when it was ported to the PS4. Evolution!.Where the Bayoneta version in the same version of the Wii U, with a little better frame rate.

It should score lower because the game was made years ago and is on a new hardaware and there arent any significant diferences.

Neonridr307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

@corroios - Last of Us Remastered was literally the PS3 game in 1080p instead of 720p... and look how well it scored. By your logic it shouldn't have then?

The lack of change in resolution doesn't make the game less fun. A good game is a good game. So if Nintendo and Square re-released Final Fantasy 3 (VI) on the Switch and kept it exactly as it was, you are saying the game wouldn't be a 10/10?

GameBoyColor307d ago

@corroios of course sotc evovled. It was REMADE from the ground up and not just a port. You can't compare remasters and straight up ports to games being remade.

Jules__Badguy307d ago

The game is incredible don't kid yourself.

gamer7804307d ago

I enjoyed bayo2 on the wiiu. Not quite as good as the first but still a great game.

Jules__Badguy307d ago

It was better than the first and that was a classic. I'm scared of Part 3.

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