Can Bandai Namco do justice to METROID PRIME??

There is every reason to be optimistic. The first PRIME game played an essential part in rewriting the language of modern first person games, and the sequels kept on expanding its potential. If PRIME 4 can pull off the same feat, there is no telling what the world might be in for when it finally hits.

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PhoenixUp305d ago

Screw what the haters say, I enjoyed Namco’s work on Star Fox: Assault. 😁

They also did great work on Mario Superstars Baseball, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Kart Acrade GP, & Super Smash Bros 4.

SR388304d ago

Assault was awesome :)

DivineAssault 305d ago

Maybe they can.. Theyve worked with nintendo for years.. Mario kart, smash, 3rd party.. Im sure they wont have total freedom with the IP so theyll follow guidelines..

eagle21305d ago

Exactly, Nintendo is most likely breathing down their back. LOL

Prince_TFK305d ago

You are right. Just like Mario+Rabbids, I doubt they would just let third party dev do whatever they want with their IP.

However, this begs the question, what is Retro working on beside porting Donkey Kong to the Switch?

WPX304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

The same question I've been doing for years now(more like after the release of Tropical Freeze).

Last time I heard they had Alexander Brandon(composer for the original Deus Ex, Unreal, Jazz Jackrabbit among others. To summarize, one heck of a composer lol) on board working on something. Dunno any further details myself.

TheOttomatic91305d ago

After Metroid Federation Force absolutely yes

TallonIV304d ago

I just want to see some footage already..! :(

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