PlayStation 4 Now Automatically Downloads Full Games If You Enabled 'Featured Content'

It seems like the PlayStation 4 will now automatically download entire games you haven't even bought if you have the 'Featured Content' setting enabled in your option.

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UCForce185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Ok, that freaking odd. Really, Sony ?

Edit : i’m just disable the feature content. But can someone tell me was this feature have before or just appear right now ?

Brian7655492185d ago

Maybe this is going to be a feature built into its streaming service, which would be a good option.

Fragnum184d ago (Edited 184d ago )


"Maybe this is going to be a feature built into its streaming service, which would be a good option"

I don't think it means Playstation Now the streaming service lol,

I think he's saying "Playstation now downloads stuff" if you tick the featured content box, ie it downloads featured content presented on the front screen .....

I read it the same as you first time ,

"PlayStation 4 Now Automatically Downloads Full Games If You Enabled 'Featured Content'"

the title is really easy to misread, i wonder if thats what the author was aiming for?

ginsunuva184d ago

You do realize streaming means you don't have to download a game right?

IamTylerDurden1183d ago

The idea of PSNOW is that there is virtually no download, you can play any game instantly without waiting. It's streaming basically in real time. So no.

RememberThe357183d ago

Last month my PS4 downloaded Destiny 2 as some sort of promotion. It's easy to disable but the concept of it is just stupid and wasteful.

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OB1Biker185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

System/Automatic Download/featured Content for people looking for it.
It already was talked about when it allowed advertisement like Destiny icon appearing on the home screen
I unticked that box long ago

183d ago
Aceman18184d ago

I've not seen any games download automatically to my system, but then again I dont buy digital games on the regular like that since this seems to work based off ppls buying habits.

nitus10184d ago

The feature has nothing to do with whether you download digital games. By default the ‘Featured Content’ checkbox is unchecked.

If you buy a digital game you have the option of immediately downloading or deferring until a later time. This is pretty much the same if you have a PS+ subscription where you only download the free games when you want to. Until then the game information is placed in your library for later download at your convenience.

Araragifeels 184d ago

I would only allow features content to download full game, if the game it given for free.

Frinker184d ago

Sony is turning into Skynet

DarXyde184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Next thing you know, they'll come up with a crazy plan to have check-ins and mandate a PlayStation camera be connected.

Wait a minute...

The_Sage184d ago

It's been an option all along, as far as I remember. You have to turn it on in the automatic download settings. Not something I would ever do.

nitus10184d ago

The key words are "If you have enabled the ‘Featured Content’ option in Settings > System > Automatic Downloads."

By default (just checked), the box for ‘Featured Content’ is not ticked. Basically, you have to "opt-in" unlike some popular operating systems and applications.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to check (takes a few seconds) if you are worried about downloading stuff you don't want.

rdgneoz3184d ago

If you're unsure if you have it enabled, look to see if you have games you've never bought advertised on the PS4s interface. I remember hearing about Destiny 2 popping up on people's interface that had the option checked when it came out. Either way, it's opt-in so you know what you're getting into

joab777184d ago

This would be an amazing feature if we had the choice. Like, I choose NK2 and then if I choose not to buy it just deletes. But if I do, it's already there.

OpenGL184d ago

The setting has been there for years but it seems Sony may have only recently began utilizing it. I disabled it long before the Destiny 2 controversy because it explicitly explains what the setting does.

subtenko183d ago

Its an option you can enable dum dum, *slap* shaddddaaaaapp!

This is a feature for people who have a high probability of buy a few new game releases and have no data problems when they are away.

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Relientk77185d ago

Making sure this option is disabled for me

UCForce185d ago

Was it there before or just appear right now ? I can’t remember.

Relientk77185d ago

I don't remember lol. I don't look at the settings too often.


Goldby185d ago

its been there since destiny 1

ziggurcat184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

This has been an option in the menu for years, now...

Christopher184d ago

It's been there, but it never downloaded a full game before.

nitus10184d ago

The 'Featured Content’ checkbox is in Settings > System > Automatic Downloads

By default it is unchecked but it doesn't hurt to check.

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PlayStation_5184d ago

I already disabled the "Featured Content" in Settings a long time ago, but considering that nonsense like this is always auto-checked by default in this day & age whenever you buy a new electronic device, it's best to go through all the settings with a fine toothed comb before you do anything else. At least Sony has never tampered with any of my Settings with each successive Update. Apple brutally tampers with your Settings configuration on all of their devices...

Neonridr185d ago

whaaaaat? Well that setting will be unchecked when I get home tonight.

_-EDMIX-_184d ago

same. I didn't even know this was a thing lol

nitus10184d ago

By default the 'Featured Content’ checkbox is unchecked but it would be best to check this.

roadkillers184d ago

So, what is this feature? I have Playstation Now, but could not play because my internet speed was not up to par... Is this telling me I could have been downloading the games instead?

roadkillers184d ago

This is PS4 in general, not PSNow. My mistake.

Gardenia184d ago

The title is misunderstood. It is "Playstation Now", were you have to pay monthly and get 500+ plus games. It doesn't mean that "now Playstation" can automatically download full games with enabled 'Featured Content', because that option is already there for a long time

Neonridr183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

so then why did Shadow of the Colossus download for the person who wrote the article? That had nothing to do with Playstation Now. PS Now is a streaming service..

dumahim183d ago

No, you have it backwards.

IamTylerDurden1183d ago

I don't understand what ppl are pretending to be mad about? The option has been there for years, it's set to off by default unless you physically change it, and it's not purchasing content for you. It's basically a non issue but ppl can pretend to be outraged.

Neonridr183d ago

hmm.. the person who wrote the article claims they never changed anything though. I haven't had a chance to look at the feature myself, but if you say it's off by default then that is good news. Thanks for pointing that out.

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PhoenixUp185d ago

That’s unacceptable especially with how limited space so many people might have

The_Sage184d ago

It's just a setting. It's not on by default. You have to turn it on.

PhoenixUp184d ago

It shouldn’t be a setting in the first place

JackBNimble184d ago

Why not, I keep hearing from all you fanboys how options are good.
Not that I would ever choose such a retarded option but hey... Who am I to judge.

PhoenixUp184d ago

GTFO with your childish labeling BS

There’s no benefit to having a game you have. intent on purchasing yet download onto your system

CDzNutts184d ago

What about the people who want it?

sampsonon184d ago

but i like the setting. so WTF makes you special?

rainslacker183d ago

It's a marketing thing. If it's on your system, it gains exposure so you look at it and might buy it. If it's already on you're system so you don't have to wait to download it, then it's even more tempting. It's also worth noting that it only downloads the part needed to start the game. Not the full game...kind of like how normal downloads work.

Is it right? Ij personally don't like obtrusive marketing. But this is optional, and not on by default. Since its a feature that serves one purpose and isn't on by default which is more typical, then leave it off and don't worry about it.

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sampsonon184d ago

omg, the shit that is going on in the world and this is what you thnk is "unacceptable" ?

IamTylerDurden1183d ago

Yet he spends time here being outraged when he could simply take 20 seconds to make sure the option is set to off.

IamTylerDurden1183d ago

You have literally spent more time in this article being fake outraged than the time it could've taken to simply turn the option off, an option that is set to off by default anyway..

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Zeref184d ago

How is this "interesting", its bad no matter how you look at it.

Mr_Writer85184d ago

Why is it bad when it's completely optional?

SegaGamer184d ago

It's not interesting and it's not bad either, it's just an option. It's a load of nothing really, i can't believe a story like this is the biggest on the site right now.

Kavorklestein183d ago

Interesting is all you usually say.... glad to see you branched out a bit haha XD

Zeref182d ago

It's on by default apparently, which makes it even worse. I bet y'all are the same guys who bash Xbox for giving us EA Access and Game Pass as an option.