Call of Duty: World At War Beta Blowout

GameXtract writes "If you pre-ordered Call of Duty: World at War you might right now be in fact playing the game as beta keys recently went out yesterday to players across the internet. The beta is taking place on both the 360, and the PC, and so far their have been mixed reactions. That will be a topic to cover for another day as right now we have gathered some of the better released videos of the beta for you to watch. Theirs a whole crap load of them on the net so we have gone through, and picked the some of the recent, and higher quality ones to help you get a glimpse of the online portion of the game. Are you planning on picking up the title this November 11th? Catch the beta videos after the jump."

First video below, catch the all the others after the jump.

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Pablos1020303687d ago

What is up with that voice acting?

PS360PCROCKS3687d ago

I SHOULD be PLAYING!! Gamestop if you screw me over I will never set foot in your store again, last time I did you screwed up my Gears pre-order. I trust you with a beta key, I better get it! Side note: game looks cool like COD4, albeit slower...

overlorduk3687d ago

Looks great, but still a little too unrealistically fast for my liking.

PainisCupcake3687d ago

Treyarch have now brought back stereotypical diehard Nazis yey lol

PainisCupcake3686d ago

Were you not not listening to the German speech at all and the fanfare when the German team won?? Somewhat different to COD1 and 2s style lol