Is it Possible to See a Nintendo Switch Mini or XL This Year?

It seems ever since the Nintendo Switch first hit retail store shelves, rumors and speculations around new models of the Switch, that of a Switch Mini or Switch XL. It seems these rumors have only grow louder and louder ever since Nintendo's latest investor call. Also rumors of a new Switch model, landing in some devs hands. What are the chances that Nintendo is actually working on a "new" Switch model. Which will land first Mini, XL. or both? Is it going to actually come out this year?

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TGG_overlord251d ago

Hmm, that topic is worthy of a thought at least.

kneon251d ago

I don't know, making it larger seems stupid, it's already quite large. And making it smaller would make the controllers too tiny if they were still to be made removable.

jaymacx251d ago

I would rather them make a version that beefs up the performance like what the pro does for ps4 as long as their isn’t any exclusive games.

251d ago
badz149250d ago


just over a year after launch? are you high?

Sono421251d ago

I really hope they don't do anything like this. There is nothing more annoying.

Elimin8251d ago

I say just sell it without the dock for those who want to go portable with the option to buy the dock later for tv playtime.

_-EDMIX-_251d ago

I think that's very much going to happen in the future.

GrubsterBeater251d ago

That's a VERY good idea, actually. Not only would they sell a ton more consoles due to the price drop, but I guarantee a huge chunk of people don't even use the dock enough to even warrant including it. I still can't believe how expensive it is just to buy the dock... crazy.

edeprez250d ago

I only use the dock and the grip, they should sell a version without the tablet and joycons too. The picture is a little dark but it saves a ton on electricity and keeps the weight down.

_-EDMIX-_251d ago

I think that's very unlikely I think we're probably going to hear something about that maybe next year.


admiralvic250d ago

Not really, since the concept doesn't make a lot of sense when you think about it. For instance, people have been suggesting a smaller or larger one since it was announced and the problem is the controllers. Right now we have a nice rounded shape where they all fit together, there are no gaps and it looks sleek. If they introduced a different size model, they would need to increase or decrease the size of both the system and Joy-Cons. This makes things more tedious from a sales perspective.

While the same can be said about cases, something that can usually be countered by the fact there are going to be a bunch of them anyway, Nintendo will now need to produce and market multiple sizes of Joy-Cons, people will need to know which size they have, the sizing will likely be off (a Joy-Con goes across my hand with minimal space on each side) and much more.

It's a needless complication for something that will likely appeal to a niche, similar to how NA didn't get much in way of the New 3DS and there is just the New 2DS XL.

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PhoenixUp251d ago

😑 Do you really think that’s a possibility so soon

Poli_Games251d ago

Not less than a year out. No next year maybe

EddieNX 251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I think there will be a + model with higher resolution screen and more power. It will play Switch games with better graphics like the pro or X does . Slight redesign in aesthetics but will be the same size

Knushwood Butt251d ago

Or the New Switch

Marginally better specs, higher price, and is launched with one first party exclusive that will only run on the New Switch.

Highlife251d ago

If they did that i would be done. Not buying every year just to keep up. But they won't that would be stupid.

alex101594251d ago

Don't think it will run exclusive games, but I do see a stronger, more beefed up version.

Knushwood Butt250d ago

They did it with the New 3DS and Xenoblade.

edeprez250d ago

That's not a smart idea, even if they've done it in the past. There's no reason Nintendo exclusives couldn't run on the old one too. There would be more pissed off people than happy ones.

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Radiozero250d ago

I would be so upset if they did that.

ZeekQuattro251d ago

Giving history its unlikely a bigger or smaller model will be out this year.

DJK1NG_Gaming251d ago

Nope. Switch isn't a dedicated handheld for Nintendo.
It's a Home Console that can be taken on the go. Hybrid. Not a dedicated handheld system like GB-3DS.

kevnb251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

why does that even matter? I bet the market would love a bigger switch.

nitus10251d ago

True, however, Nintendo is hoping most family or household members will get one which sort of puts the Switch in direct competition with the 3DS and 2DS.

While the Switch is can be played "on the go" it is still relatively large compared to Nintendo's handhelds and mobile phones.

DJK1NG_Gaming251d ago

And how will that be portable?

DJK1NG_Gaming251d ago

No. Its not a Dedicated Handheld. So it not getting no Mini or XL version.

kevnb251d ago

that statement makes no sense, its not like there wouldnt be a market for it.

_-EDMIX-_251d ago

I'm sorry but this statement literally factually doesn't even make any sense.

To say it's not a dedicated handheld, for a fact that does not make sense because it is very much a device that can be used on the go portable which actually is a handheld.

That is what this is.

The reasoning behind a redesign would simply be to make the device lighter for when it is used on the go, clearly they could also choose to make a larger LCD screen like we've already seen with the 3DS and DS, they could also make a version with a better battery life etc

Because if this isn't a handheld you're going to have to explain to me what I see people doing on the bus, train, Park airport with this device...

ocelot07251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Why can't it get a mini version? Simply make it around the size of the vita and boom you have a mini switch. Might have to make some compromises like un-attachable controllers ect. But using in dock mode you can use normal switch controllers or pro controllers.

So please tell me why it's not getting a mini version? Am not saying it's getting one soon. But I don't see why it won't in the next few years.

DJK1NG_Gaming251d ago

Because one it won't fit in a dock,
two because Switch main target audiences is Age 13 and up
though majority of the owners are 20 and up.
and three Switch isn't trying to be a Vita or 3DS

ocelot07250d ago (Edited 250d ago )


1, Why can't it fit into a dock? If they can make the switch smaller why not the dock? My 5" phone has a dock.

2, What on earth has that got to do with Nintendo releasing a mini switch?

3, Didn't say it was. But if they can make a smaller switch for the people who want to carry it in their pocket then why not.

_-EDMIX-_250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

@DJ- "Because one it won't fit in a dock"

smh. Ummm the dock is a piece of plastic, the actual hardware (ie HDMI CORD) is in the middle, so it actually means they can simply make an adapter so you can drop a smaller device in there or simply make a different dock or just legit, MAKE A HDMI CORD INSTEAD. Its not reason enough to say it won't happen as you literally just made it sound like the dock could NEVER been redesigned and just ignored that most of it is actually just a HDMI cord...

'two because Switch main target audiences is Age 13 and up "


So you telling me Nintendo doesn't want more sales? News to me..

"Switch isn't trying to be a Vita or 3DS" Switch Mini will though. They have zero reason to not do this as it will expand their market for those who want a smaller portable or a larger one, or one without the dock etc. You have no logic behind your post, you actually just have things that they are CURRENTLY doing, while ignoring that those are not IRONCLAD choices.

ie. Won't fit in a dock" you just assumed no redesign or work around would happen for it to exist.

2. " Switch main target audiences is Age 13 and up " doesn't actually prove they are not going to make a smaller or larger version, you are literally saying for the same of this "target audience" they won't make a better sku...that makes no sense.