Final Fantasy XV Gets New Info on Royal Edition, Development; March Update Teased

Square Enix shared that the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV will add to the story, and that an update to the game is coming in March.

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PhoenixUp302d ago

The price of the Royal Edition DLC better be $5-$10

“The car-pushing event at the beginning of Chapter 1 was initially going to be 15 minutes long.”

Oh screw off with that notion Square Enix. That would’ve turned every beginning play through into such a slough.

“Episode Ignis was going to be like a strategy-based RPG (t/n: think Dragon Age style), but this made battles rather boring, so it became what it is now.”

Square Enix made the right call. Episode Ignis has my favorite battle system of the DLCs.

Harkins1721302d ago

Okay don't just assume the worst with the car. You might have stopped and done things while those 15 mind of pushing the car happened.

MeteorPanda302d ago

Im so glad i stopped playing early. Kinda weird to saying that. Its like the best wine backlog game, longer you let it sit the better it gets

Chaosdreams302d ago

An accurate comparison. Well done.

drunkenspy007301d ago

I feel like this is the end for final fantasy... With no new game on the horizon, instead we keep seeing DLC for FF15 which was a mediocre game.

kayoss301d ago

I like Final Fantasy 15, a lot better than Final fantasy 13. However, i think its time Square move on to the next Final Fantasy game.

FernDiggidy301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

The amount of support this game has gotten. Just wow

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