Why Xenogears Remains Enduringly Popular on its 20th Anniversary

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I guess it's only appropriate that I happen to be watching Neon Genesis Evangelion as I sit down to revisit Xenogears, which celebrated its 20th anniversary on Sunday.

Animator Hideaki Anno's classic mech anime had a disproportionate impact on Japanese pop culture, making it suddenly cool for anime to focus on darker themes like depression, religion, and Jungian psychology. And games were not immune to its impact

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PhoenixUp8d ago

It’s really a shame the second disc turned out the way it did

ClanPsi18d ago

It's a shame that the second disc was good? o_O

Godmars2908d ago

Compact. With probably 20 hours of gameplay condensed into 40 minute semi interactive OVA.

Chinkyinc188d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Too bad Xenosaga never panned out to the entire Xeno-tales it was suppose to be; instead, we got a 3-part prequel so far in the past that Xenogears is only related by the universe it takes place in..

ILostMyMind8d ago

I liked the combat mechanics and the mechs setups.

Heavenly King8d ago

FFVII, LOD, and Xenogears are my top 3 RPG of all time. All 3 should get a remake (at least FFVII is getting it)