Massively: EVE Evolved: The cost of failure

The harsh death penalty in EVE Online is something that's talked about a lot. Massively even touched on the issue themselves when they compared EVE Online's style of PvP to Age of Conan and when they investigated the phenomenon of suicide ganking. In EVE, your ship being destroyed means millions of your hard-earned isk is flushed down the drain. If you're unlucky enough not to get away in your escape pod, you'll be killed and recloned, costing yet more isk and destroying any expensive implants in your head. The brutal death penalty associated with PvP in EVE is responsible for putting a lot of players off playing the game but is the taste of death really as bitter as people make it out to be?

In this article, Massively examines the cost of defeat in PvP and how to minimize these costs without ruining your PvP performance.

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