Is It Too Late For New Players To Start GTA Online?

GTA BOOM writes "After four years of near-constant content expansion, the GTA Online of today is very different from what it was like when launched, and is filled with a ton of content that’s generally aimed at more experienced players. It is easy for newcomers to feel overwhelmed and daunted, but is it really too late for players to join in?"

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FallenAngel1984308d ago

With the way the games continues to sell, apparently not

EatAD308d ago

It's a lot to take in, but no more complicated I feel that other games. Will take a few weeks to get up to speed with weapons etc same as the other players. But hey that's half the fun. And it's all new content, no grinding!

neutralgamer1992308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Just started titanfall 2 online having a blast. Scared to try gta online even though I own gta

Sparkk308d ago

Why are you scared? I mean you could just start it one day and who knows you might like it and if you don't then you can always leave it, right?

InTheZoneAC308d ago

There is definitely some sensitive millennial mindset behind all the crying about GTA online like they can't play a few heists, make money and buy whatever. I really don't understand why people feel overwhelmed or feel like shark cards are a must

Belinker300308d ago

If like to be continually wasted by griefers that are OP as hell then go for it.Grinding endlessly or purchasing shark cards to have any sort of fighting chance and ability to play updated content.

InTheZoneAC308d ago

cries about griefers in open world gta, quit your whining

go passive, do only online missions or just stay off. The audacity to cry about getting killed in the open world, smdh

Belinker300308d ago

Your exactly what I was talking about,thanks for confirming my point exactly

Belinker300308d ago

You have a Charles Manson complex?

frostlatch307d ago

lol cant tell if 12 or grumpy 42...or...both.

InTheZoneAC308d ago

Not at all. You just play, there's no "being left behind"

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