Nintendo Switch Port Begging: An Intervention of Noxious Fanbase Behavior

Developers should be able to create and release the games they want without dealing with the most aggressive forms of port begging, no matter the console.

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Neonridr305d ago

meh, no need for port begging. Switch is getting ports by the truckload regardless. Seems like many devs are actively trying to get their games on Switch or at the very least exploring the possibility of a port working. Hard to ignore the install base after only 1 year, and that number is only going to grow exponentially.

No reason not to want to play a game on your platform of choice though, hence the begging. This is not something exclusive to Nintendo either.. plenty of people cry foul over 3rd party exclusives as well (Bayonetta 2 for example). Only natural for someone to want something on their console. Heck I know if I had the choice of playing a game on my PS4 or on my Switch, plenty of times I would be willing to take a hit in the visuals/performance department to be able to play the game on the go. Sure, some games I want the grand experience and will gladly take the added pizzazz I can get with my 4K TV and PS4 Pro. But being able to play anywhere has its appeal too.

manabyte77304d ago

Dude, you try WAYYYYY too hard to be politically correct with consoles.

Neonridr304d ago

well.. why not try to be neutral? I am all about playing great games. I don't care if they are on my PS4, Switch or my gaming PC.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

"This is not something exclusive to Nintendo either.. plenty of people cry foul over 3rd party exclusives as well"

Errrr not really. There is literally a laundry list of entire franchises that have not touched a Nintendo system that have been on PlayStation and Xbox and PC.

To my understanding a Nintendo system literally is the only system you could even purchase which is for a fact going to be absent of multiple franchises to that degree. As of right now I'm not even sure you could say the same thing about the Xbox considering it's still getting Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts Ethan Sword Art Online etc, so for argument's sake we can't even say they're in the same category because Xbox is not getting jrpgs avoid them anywhere near to the same degree that the absolute fast majority of third parties are avoiding the Nintendo switch in regards to specific properties.

So if you're a fan of the following properties getting a Nintendo switch would never really make any sense

Call of Duty
Far Cry
Assassin's Creed
Mass Effect
Red Dead
Grand Theft Auto
Watch Dogs
Elder Scrolls
Dragon Age

Aaaaaaaaand considerate that's just randomly off of the top of my head.

Neonridr303d ago

rumour is the next Call of Duty is coming to the Switch though. Ubisoft has pledged more content is coming, so you might have to adjust your list.. keep moving the goal posts though EDMIX. We have already seen a handful of developers that have never touched a Nintendo platform make content for them, so we can clearly see the tides changing.

Look at Bayonetta and the entire mountain of salt you see in the comments sections about people being upset about its exclusivity.

SuperSonic91303d ago

Hiw can PS4 players port beg when we can hardly finish our backlog of great exclusive games?

All genres of games you can think of flourish on PS4.

Spiderman God of War Dreams Detroit are all coming so there are need to port beg for the PlayStation Nation.

_-EDMIX-_301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

"rumour is the next Call of Duty"

🤔🤔🤔 When was the last time you have ever seen PC Playstation or Xbox Gamers ever have to question something like that on their system regarding Call of Duty or even much of the franchises I just listed?

It's a rumor for Switch for a reason.

Call of Duty's are not "rumors" or speculation in regards to support on PC Playstation or Xbox they are expected releases.

The fact that Call of Duty showing up on the switch is a rumor kind of further proves my point, to you it's speculation, to you it's a rumor, it is a maybe.

Does somebody who owns PlayStation 4 PC or Xbox it is an inevitability

it is a when not a if.

Now I want you to add that to every game that I just listed in consider the uncertainty of those releases PC PlayStation and Xbox Gamers do not have to worry about that which is actually my point.

Ubisoft has pledged more support likely in the vein of what they've already done with the Mario RPG stuff that does not mean you're going to be seeing watch dogs or Assassin's Creed or any of their top franchises make it on that platform.

But at the end of the day your left guessing about that Playstation Xbox and PC Gamers do not need to guess about that or speculate on support for them it is expected for you it is speculation

Ubisoft promised support but to Playstation Xbox and PC Gamers that support is always been expected you're the only one that's being left technically waiting for something to happen.

Trust me that's not goalpost moving that is fact.

I mean put it this way when has Electronic Arts Activision Ubisoft for any of the top Publishers ever left Gamers speculating about their support of something like PC Playstation or Xbox?

That is something that Nintendo Gamers have to deal with for the most part

For other platforms, it's not a rumor that Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty or Battlefield or anything like that it's coming to Playstation Xbox or PC.

I mean with the Wii U you saw multiple Call of Duty games actually skip the platform you saw Watch Dogs 2 skip the platform you saw the mass effect the game's skip the platform in fact you so multiple games continue to drop support so that type of spotty supported something that is unheard of on Playstation PC or Xbox.

That is literally the norm for Nintendo platforms so that type of uncertainty is why most fans are not going to select a Nintendo system in hopes of getting to play some of the games of a series.

Trust me buddy nobody is hoping that Battlefield is coming to PC Playstation or Xbox for us it is 100% a understanding that it is coming to those platforms.

I mean you could keep worrying about rumors, but the other install bases don't

they expect support.

FallenAngel1984305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

Never has port pegging been this rampant

Those Gears for Breakfast devs will continue to bombarded by requests for A Hat in Time to come to Switch even though they already rejected the decision

porkChop304d ago

Port begging has always been rampant, especially during the first year of a console's life cycle when games are more sparse. This isn't anything new.

The port begging for the Vita was far more widespread, it was petition after petition for pretty much every game.

And it's ridiculous to even complain about something like this. How dare consumers tell a company that they want to buy their product. Such a travesty.

InKnight7s304d ago

SE still releasing games on Vita although no one asking or mentioning it. just saying.

porkChop304d ago


I didn't say they weren't.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago


The differences Sony and Microsoft are not really missing that much franchises they already have the vast majority of third-party support in regards to multiple genres.

It's my understanding the Nintendo systems are the only series of systems that have so many missing franchises to such a degree.

I mean we joke about Xbox not getting jrpgs but to be honest the list of games that the Xbox one is not receiving in terms of Japanese RPGs is not really that long, nowhere near as long as the missing titles from Nintendo.

FallenAngel1984304d ago

Yeah it’s been rampart in the past, but the more assessibity of social media today means it’s more possible to harass developers for a port than it’s ever been prior

SuperSonic91304d ago ShowReplies(1)
Protagonist304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

it seems to me that nintendo fans wants every game ported for the swirch. What they do not realize is that the switch can not handle most modern AAA games and that is why you will mostly see old ports of last generation being ported for the switch ;)))

SinisterKieran304d ago

why all the dislikes, this is very true.

quantoxtech304d ago

While I agree port begging is a bit rampant at the moment ( It was no different than the Vita, though ), I believe the dislikes are because no one is actually begging for "most modern TRIPLE A games"

All I want is a localization of MH: XX and that's the only thing I'll beg for. Well, that and a Metroid Prime Trilogy would be awesome on the Switch, both games exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

wonderfulmonkeyman303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Why all the dislikes?
#1 The smug smilies at the end.
#2 The erroneous assumption that Nintendo fans aren't aware that not all games can come to Switch. not to mention the claim that Switch owners are asking for "most" of anything.

There are still plenty of "modern" games that can hit Switch despite being multiplats; it's only the none-Switch-owner fans on other consoles that seem to have any issue with any good games from third parties hitting the Switch at all, which is why they fight tooth and nail against the very idea of any ports hitting the system.

Which is dead-a** ironic, considering the biggest whiners, prior to Switch releasing, always used the "lack of third party" as their go-to fallacy for avoiding Nintendo systems [even the 3DS, which by and large had tons of great third party games], yet now that it's getting decent ports and huge amounts of interest, on top of promises from third parties saying they're going to focus on making more games for it, suddenly it's a huge issue and these none-fans want devs to stop trying.
Because "Oh, but it can't do justice to the games because power!", while ignoring that consoles are the last place power-lovers should be playing games in the first place.XD

Christopher304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

No matter the platform, porting a game is a business decision first.

While first-party and first-party tied exclusives (Mario+Rabbids) have sold fairly well, most of the ports do not sell well and are not showing a good reason for developers to consider the Switch as a first-place-to-port location compared to PC, mobile, XBO/PS4 (in that order). I'm really hoping that Nintendo ups the support, improves the storefront, and can get to a point where they get new games and ports from third parties at the level of XBO/PS4. But it's not there yet.

Having said all that, I'm not bothered by people 'begging' for ports. It's just hard to read from people doing that in one breath and then citing their console as the best for gamers. If it was the best for gamers, it likely wouldn't need those ports. But, please, continue 'asking' for games to come to every platform. More games for more gamers is never a bad thing... until it becomes Skyrim I guess?

quantoxtech304d ago

Then what about games like Stardew Valley and Rocket League? What about Axiom Verge? There are more, but I can't remember their names off the top of my head. There are plenty of ports that did more than good on the Switch, sales-wise.

Thing is, if the game is good, it's gonna sell - Simple as that.

Hell, even Disgaea 5, a port of a 2-year-old game did well enough on the Switch, even at full price.

Christopher304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

There are WAY more ports that don't sell well than that sell well. Notice I said "most" and not "all" ports do not sell well. You bringing up the handful of popular ports doesn't change that. I guarantee all of the games you mentioned have sold way more on other platforms than on Switch. Way more. Especially compared to PC and Mobile platforms. And if the businesses focus on those first, that's how it goes and what their business needs. If they make enough and see the market potential, that is when they should consider the Switch, not just because some people online ask for it.

This isn't about just 'good' games, as I said, it's about business. Indie games still overwhelmingly sell better on PC, mobile (F2P), and XBO/PS4 compared to Nintendo consoles in general. Nintendo can work to remove this, that's is their job and what we hope they continue to focus on. But, part of that has to be seeing Indie games released there without higher-than-expected price tags and at the same time as other platforms.

ShadowWolf712303d ago

Budokai 3 was a good game.

Budokai 3 sold the least out of the series.

This is not always true, sadly.

The 10th Rider304d ago

Most ports are doing quite well on Switch, what gives you the idea that there are more ports that sell poorly than ones that sell well?

Christopher304d ago

Because of the lack of any notice at all that most of the ports have sold any substantial numbers on Switch. If a port had sold well on Switch, it would be highlighted by the developers. This is an uncommon event to happen outside of the normal top selling software on the eStore list, which contains the usually popular ports/titles in general and not the many ports that come from Mobile or PC.

Saying ports don't sell well doesn't mean they shouldn't make their way there. You've focused on my statement of how well ports sell as if somehow I'm saying "They should not go to the Switch" when I never said that and in fact said the opposite. The fact is, the decision on if or when to port to the Switch is a business decision and that decision is based on sales of similar titles on the Switch as well as its market reach.

If the sales of ports on the Switch were doing so well, we wouldn't be having this conversation about "port begging" because there would be no need to port beg, developers would be primarily focused on the Switch.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

@10th- many are still not performing well in sales Skyrim and Doom did not sell well....

Yet Ubisoft was able to successfully sell Mario Rabbids RPG which only goes to show you that this community clearly is not going to be buying third party games in the majority unless it is of a franchise they are familiar with regarding Nintendo.

Something something like Doom is selling 3k units this very much is giving an indication of third parties to not put specific franchises on this platform unless they want to waste a lot of money. The fact that Skyrim VR outsold the switch version very much indicates what's going on.

@Christoper- "If the sales of ports on the Switch were doing so well, we wouldn't be having this conversation about "port begging" because there would be no need to port beg developers would be primarily focused on the Switch"

THANK YOU! I have no clue why people are not taking this into consideration. There are just the wave of games that have zero announcement to the release on this system from Battlefront the Call of Duty to Far Cry 5 it is very clear many do not have plans to support this platform or company.

That is not something you're seeing on Playstation or Xbox where you're having multiple franchises avoid those systems.

I don't even think there is a multi-million selling series that releases on multiple platforms that ironically does not come to Playstation or Xbox.

That is only happening on Nintendo systems to this degree. I have no clue why people are ignoring the laundry list of multiple series that have never even touched a Nintendo system, yet are honest to God trying to pretend as if this is a normal situation on other platforms.


The 10th Rider303d ago



I suppose that's all fake?

Also Christopher, your entire second paragraph is inferring I interpreted your comment a certain way, which is simply not true. Nowhere in my comment did I say anything about games coming to Switch. I couldn't care less about whether or not you think games should or should not come to Switch. I am wondering what gives you the idea that ports are not selling well, because if you actually bother to look at articles like the ones I shared above, you can see that the idea that most third party games do not do well on Switch is simply not supported.

You said *most* ports do not do well. Evidence contradicts that. Sure, some might not be doing so hot but that doesn't translate to *most* ports not doing well on Switch.

Christopher303d ago

***Also Christopher, your entire second paragraph is inferring I interpreted your comment a certain way***

You're right and I apologize. Though, my goal wasn't to infer that, I did do that and it was wrong.

***You said *most* ports do not do well. Evidence contradicts that. Sure, some might not be doing so hot but that doesn't translate to *most* ports not doing well on Switch.***

You do almost every game on the Switch is a port, right? There are about 170 or so ports on the machine, including games already on most recent Nintendo consoles (and others). You provided no evidence to negate what I've said nor are all of the links you posted proof of selling well so much as the company saying it is doing well without any numbers behind them at all.

If you want to hold onto the fascination that everything is great because of a few games and ignore the 150 that aren't doing well, please go ahead and do as such. I'll instead focus on where it needs to improve to provide things that others do and it doesn't currently.

I stand by my statement above, if there was not a 'port issue' then there would be no 'port begging' because it would have them.

I am very happy to see the Switch start off way better than the WiiU and even better than the last 4 years of the Wii. But, it still has a long way to go for what I would consider a proper support of third-party ports/same day releases.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

@Chris- agreed. Good read.

@10th- nothing you're saying is really proving Christopher's Point incorrect.

I will see something like Doom selling 3k units as "doing well". It's probably why you're seeing the likes of Battlefield Battlefront Call of Duty Mass Effect Far Cry in many other series completely ignoring the system

I just think Bethesda never really got a taste of the amount of money that was wasted by other Publishers and maybe they naively thought somehow they could make more and I think there now realizing exactly what other Publishers were experiencing they might be a little more cautious when looking to put games on that system cuz I'm pretty damn positive with all the stuff they did with that Doom Port I don't think they're made their money back.

Don't be surprised if you start to see Publishers like Bethesda start to backpedal not support in began simply just making kid friendly games to move units like you see happening with Ubisoft.

Trust me Ubisoft learned their lesson with that crap last generation and that's why you're not seeing watch dogs or Assassin's Creed or Ghost Recon or the division or anything like that on the switch you're seeing them only Bring Out e-rated family-friendly Nintendo looking titles.

When the Wii and Wii U came out Ubisoft is coming out with games like Red Steel they even put Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs on the Wii U so it's very clear the publisher really really tried but they just cannot keep wasting money on an install base that over and over and over and over again prove they're not interested in buying those type of games.

Maybe Bethesda in Rockstar need to waste a little more money before they learn their lesson that other Publishers Clearing have learned.

I mean don't you think it's weird that Activision Electronic Arts in Ubisoft was coming out with Call of Duty Assassin's Creed Mass Effect and a whole bunch of other games for the Wii and Wii U yet with the switch all three of those Publishers basically jumped ship and are only supporting it with family-friendly E Rated titles?

Trust me that isn't some sort of coincidence it is very clear they realize they cannot keep wasting money waiting for this install base to buy that type of content.

Bethesda and Rockstar don't be surprised if they follow what you see happening with Ubisoft Electronic Arts in many other Publishers as they slowly stop releasing those type of games on that platform.

I don't know about you ,but I'm not going to be thrilled to release a game to sell 3K on a damn system.

The absence of all those key franchises is not an accident...

The 10th Rider303d ago (Edited 303d ago )


I could pull up plenty more


https://nintendoeverything.... (Really good considering the difference in install base)

https://nintendoeverything.... (better than other platforms, which launched earlier) (half the sales are from the Nintendo Switch version)

Or heck, here's a survey from GDC where most Switch developers said that Switch games have been higher than average compared to other consoles:

Do you have a single developer coming out and saying they are dissapointed with their Switch games sales?
I think I've seen maybe one or two, if any.

You said that you believe most ports don't do well on Switch "because of the lack of any notice at all that most of the ports have sold any substantial numbers on Switch." That's because you haven't bothered to look. If you keep up to date with news about the Switch there's companies coming out every few weeks saying that their game has sold very well on Switch.

If you use that same logic for the PS4, PC, or Xbox One about companies not saying anything meaning poor sales, you'd have to conclude that the gaming industry is in a terrible place sales wise.

Obviously you could still contend that the sales are due to the console being new with less things to play, meaning less competition, or that only certain games sell well, etc . . . I personally think that the smaller number of titles is contributing to it. However the fact remains that developers in general seem very happy with the sales of their games on Switch. Unless you've got a shred of evidence otherwise what you're saying about port sales is baseless speculation.

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wonderfulmonkeyman303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

There is a growing number of games on the Switch that have out-sold both their Steam AND PS4 counterparts, much less the XBox versions.
And it's doing that in less than a year.
The thing being ignored here is that while most of the ports aren't out-selling their original versions [many of which were multiplat, which means it's only a fair comparison if you're doing 1 to 1 instead of comparing overall numbers between everything vs Switch], the majority of the ports ARE making enough money, for the devs, to JUSTIFY FURTHER ATTEMPTS.
They're showing successful returns on investment made, and more and more devs are now pledging to make putting games out on the system a priority going forward.

It's true that it's not 'there yet', but it's gotten close to that point faster than any other console before it in Nintendo's line realistically has; by latest reports, its sales pace is actually higher than both the PS2 and Wii, making it the fastest-selling home console of all time in some places.

To put it bluntly, porting to Switch, as of right now, is actually GOOD BUSINESS.

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