Rare: Sea of Thieves Map Size Linked To The Frequency of Encounters; Ships per World Might Increase

Rare's Executive Producer Joe Neate revealed that the map size in Sea of Thieves is intrinsically linked to the frequency of encounters with other player ships, meaning that they won't just be able to make it bigger, though they are looking at increasing ship numbers per world post-launch.

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ccgr306d ago

Looking forward to this one!

HotMess306d ago

Sooo more ships, bigger map?

Alexious306d ago

Basically. When they increase the map they'll also allow more ships in the world, to keep roughly the same encounter frequency.

TheCommentator306d ago

I think it's cool that the world adjusts to the player count. Sounds like a lot more fun than sailing in an empty sea. Actually, it wouldn't be much of a Sea of Thieves if there weren't any thieves in it, lol.

darthv72306d ago

would be neat if you could jump ship during a battle at sea and make your way onto another ship and sail off into the sunset with all the booty

Jackhass306d ago

Makes sense -- I'd rather have lots of entertaining encounters than a huge, empty map.

KaiPow306d ago

Right? If shrinking the game map means it's more likely to see another player and then expanding it as more people hop in the server, that's some pretty nice tech. I'd like to see that get applied to FPS and have a proper 32 player CoD map.

LavaLampGoo306d ago

Cannot wait for release of this

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