God Wars Is Getting An Updated Version On PS4, PS Vita, And Switch With A New Episode And More

Kadokawa Games announced in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that Japan folklore-inspoired tactical RPG God Wars: Future Past is headed to PS4, PS Vita, and Switch with an updated version

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303d ago
Sy_Wolf303d ago

Misread that as “God of War” like 5 times.

Servbot41303d ago

Microsoft is gonna have to start funding things like Lost Odyssey 2 and Blue Dragon 3(?) in order to shake off the dudebro stigma of the Bone in order to get more Japanese support. Unsurprisingly, they don't seem willing to invest in interesting games... or much of anything they can't stuff to the brim with microtransactions ala Sea of Thieves.

Dlaw76303d ago

So Sony and Nintendo funding these games I mean they even releasing games on the vita isn't that thing dead or something

Darkwatchman302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

The vita is only “dead” to Sony and the “triple-A” market. The vita continually gets new indie games and Japanese rpg’s and visual novels on an almost weekly basis. The vita is very alive still. It actually, in fact, has more total titles released for it worldwide than the 3DS despite coming out a year after 3DS.

Nintendo still supports the 3DS and as such, it has a greater variety of new releases. The vita has more games releasing on a regular basis. They just basically all happen to be very Japanese games, which the typical western mainstream consumer isn’t going to care about.

Segata302d ago

Yeah but sadly even that support is fading from Vita and transition over to Switch.

LIGATURE302d ago

Dont you know xbox is s#*$ for games except halo/gow

Dlaw76302d ago

So you saying gta and final games don't sell on the Xbox I mean are people buying games on the vita in America